Live Versus Automated Readings: Which Can You Put Your Faith In?

Automation is a double-edged sword when it comes to psychic readings. Obviously, you can’t beat the convenience, but accuracy-wise, it’s just not good enough.

You’ll figure this out quickly.

The world of automation is upon us, but there are certain things that it just really doesn’t need to extend to. There’s not much that can beat a live psychic consultation.

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There’s a connection that simply can’t be ignored when it comes to readings in general. Don’t miss out on this, and make sure that you’re going for the real thing.

We do understand the allure of a fast, automated reading, but that’s rarely going to do anything for you at all, other than give you a few vague facts…and not much else.

With Automated Readings, There’s Not Much You Can Count On. Here’s Why.

No matter how good the algorithm is programmed on a website, it’s really going to end up just pulling random facts out of its butt for you and for your online readings.

There’s a limit that automated readings are always going to hit. They can only go off of so much information, and they’re never going to be all that personalized as a general rule.

This is going to end up being a hassle for you, and if you’re paying for this kind of thing, it’s like paying for a random horoscope in a newspaper. Obviously, you can do better.

You need a human touch.

With an online psychic reading, you really can’t beat the actual counseling aspect of it. You need to be able to talk to someone and have them listen and focus upon you.

Even if they aren’t there physically, there’s nothing to say that they can’t still connect with you. A real reader is going to end up really focusing on you as a person.

They’ll actually hear all that you have to offer up to them for the reading, and they’ll be able to give you a reading that’s much more detailed to your specific situation.

Automated readings can only go so far.

Human Touch

In general, it’s just best to accept that a random, automated tarot reading, for example, can only end up going so far when it’s just a computer trying to flip cards around.

There isn’t any connection to the spirit realm there, and even if you want to take those results and run with them, a real psychic reader will probably just raise their eyebrows.

Go for the real deal from the start, and you won’t be disappointed. That’s the best advice that we can really end up giving you when it comes to readings in every form.


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