The 4 Minor Arcana and You: What You Need to Know Before Your Next Reading

A lot of first time tarot card reading clients know a bit about the major arcana. These are the cards in a reading that have specific names and come in a 22 card set. You’ll recognize the names: The Lovers, The Hanged Man, or The World. However, many tarot card readers don’t know much about the minor arcana. These make up the majority of a tarot card deck and consist of the suits of cups, wands, swords, and pentacles. These cards are just as important in a reading as the major arcana but are much more neglected by clients. Cups This minor arcana is associated with water and the zodiac signs Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. The basic traits found within the arcana include love, affection, friendship, physicality, and strong emotions. When a card with the cups arcana shows up in a spread, the card will generally deal with how you feel about something or a person in your life. The relationships you have with people or absolutely anything are greatly shown and influenced by the cups arcana. Think about the things you feel passionately about when your psychic talks about these cards. Wands The wand arcana is a fiery sign that is associated with zodiac signs that are likewise: Leo,…

4 Tips for Avoiding Scam Psychic Sites

The biggest concern that believers find themselves worrying over is the fact that some psychics out there are complete frauds. In order to find the real psychics that exist both in real life and online, make sure you know what to look for and how to tell a real psychic site or reader from someone who is the genuine article. Focusing on legitimate psychic sites means you’ll be able to receive accurate readings while supporting a true believer in the Tarot. Do Your Homework Knowing whether a psychic site is the real deal involves knowing a little bit about the services they offer. If you don’t know anything about psychic sciences and how they should be handled means you don’t really have a grasp on whether something is truly a scam or not. Research some things about tarot card readings, or at least enough to know the real info when you see it. Then go and search some psychic sites. You’ll find that it’s easy to tell the legitimate sites with the real and forthcoming information from the sites that are obviously out to con you of your money. Look For Reviews Never spend money on anything without reading a review for it. This is a great piece of advice…


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Our Top Picks for Psychic Readings

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#4 Site: CaliforniaPsychics
#5 Site: AskNow


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