Why a Good Tarot Reading Usually Won’t Be Free

They say in life that nothing good comes for free, and most of the time that saying is true. Finding a good and accurate tarot reader can sometimes be a tricky and, if it’s taking a while to find the right one, expensive journey. While it’s true that a good psychic or tarot reader shouldn’t cost the client an arm and a leg just to get a decent reading, here are a few reasons why paying for a good tarot reader is usually better than going with a free option. Readers Who Charge Are More Likely to Be Experienced If someone is good at what they do, they probably won’t do it for free. If no one with a talent wanted to charge for services, all paintings, music albums and psychic readings would be free. But, unfortunately for the clients, they aren’t. While it’s entirely possible that a reader with little to no experience can charge for their services, most of the time if a reader is charging a decent and fair price, it’s because they are good at what they do and have plenty of experience under their belt. While free psychics and readers aren’t a bad thing, a client might find themselves in a situation where they aren’t…

What You Need to Know When Shopping for Your Tarot Deck

Buying tools used for psychic divination isn’t quite like shopping for clothes or for a car. You’ll be using these tools to discover very personal things about yourself, which means you’re going to want to select items that appeal to you both in an aesthetic and emotional way. A good example of this is the tarot deck. Contrary to what people who aren’t familiar with all things psychic may think, you can’t just pick up any deck of tarot cards and immediately experience success with the readings you get from it. It’s important to understand many of the myths and superstitions that surrounding the Tarot before you start shopping. Once you do, you may have a greater appreciation for its history and more importantly, how important a tool it could become to you. Consider Receiving One for a Gift There’s a very old superstition out there that relates to just how one obtains a tarot deck. It states that by purchasing a tarot deck for yourself, you’re rendering whatever reading powers it has null and void. In order to be able to access the powers of the Tarot, you must receive a deck as a gift from someone else. Of course, there’s no way to prove that this superstition is…

The Ladies of the Tarot and How They Can Influence Your Reading

Tarot decks of every kind are full of images of beautiful women, from draping robes to regal gowns to lion taming. Women of all walks of life show up in the cards, and though at first glance they may just seem like pretty pictures, they’re far more than that. These symbolic designs affect your subconscious mind, guiding you towards intuitive interpretations that help you make major life decisions with every reading. They’re key players in every deck. The High Priestess The character depicted here is usually more of a girl than a woman as her youth is meant to represent a kind of purity. She’s also usually wearing robes of a calming color, often a light blue to represent a clear, even mind. Around her are drawn various symbols of wisdom, ranging from holy books to owls to crowns depending on the deck being used. That’s because this card represents intuition and spirituality, the first card in the deck to represent the feminine divine. The Empress Immediately after the High Priestess in the deck, you find the Empress. This card symbolizes everything we come to associate with earthiness and being well grounded. Images associated with her range from shields to full curved hips to literal paintings of the Venus symbol…

4 Things You Should Always Ask Your Tarot Reader

Sometimes you may feel like the question you have for your reader isn’t good enough, isn’t specific enough, or is just plain silly. What kinds of questions should you be asking your tarot reader anyhow? Here you’ll find a few tips on how to ask good, solid questions that will help you get the answers you really want. Open Ended Questions So you go into your reading and ask the cards if you’ll ever find love. You draw the Hermit. Convinced that you’ll live a life of solitude, you leave the reading completely bummed. Now, if you’d asked a more open ended question like “What can I do to create the love life I want?” and draw the same card, it takes on an entirely different meaning. Now that card is telling you that you need to take some time to yourself and live outside of a relationship for a while before the love you want can come along. Having asked an open ended question, you’re making yourself more open to answers that can actually help you. Questions That Get To the Heart of the Matter What is it you’re really looking for? Sometimes because of fear, shyness or even just a lack of additional thought we can be led…

4 Questions to Ask a Psychic to See if They’re the Real Deal

It’s often that first time tarot reading clients go into a reading completely blind. Instead of walking into a reading without vetting a psychic, arm yourself with questions that can allow you to confirm whether or not the psychic is truly the real deal or a big, fat phony. “How Long Have You Been Practicing?” It’s always good to pick the most experience tarot card reader you can find. Experience means a lot when it comes to psychics. Someone who has been reading cards for twenty years isn’t just someone working on a hobby. If you find a psychic who hasn’t been reading very long, be wary. When you do find a psychic who is eager to brag about their long running career, try to find proof that they have been around as long as they claim. “Do You Offer Extra Services?” A big red flag after a psychic reading is over is the reader offering extra services based on the reading. Be very wary if a reader gives you bad news during the reading and then offers to somehow fix the problem. This can come in the form of cleansing, sage burning, or charms and objects to help you become rid of bad spirits. Listen to the list that…


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