Why Your Tarot Reader Needs to Keep a Professional Distance

Sometimes your tarot reader can seem a lot like a cross between a therapist and a best friend. They’re your first call when something goes wrong in your life, the first person you send a message to when a reading turned out to be accurate, and the person you tell all your little dark secrets to, confident in their ability to keep it all tightly under wraps. Unfortunately this can lead to some misconceptions on the side of the client, which can quickly lead to hurt feelings or disappointment. As much as they may like you, a professional tarot reader needs to keep an equally professional distance from you, and for good reason. The Accuracy of Your Readings The reason a lot of readers don’t recommend that their clients do their own readings is because it can lead to a heavy bias. For example, you want to know if the girl you really like feels the same way about you. You’d like to ask her out, but you want to see if you have a shot at it before you step up to the plate. Obviously in this scenario you’re hoping for a favorable outcome: that your cards will tell you that the girl likes you back. And unfortunately, since…

Why Online Readings Are Better Than in Person Readings

Tarot readings have been around for thousands of years, and are not at all a new idea to anyone. People have always flocked to new age shops in hopes of getting a reading and some good guidance. When the technological age started to boom, suddenly a whole new market opened up, as people were able to get tarot readings from the comfort of their own home. Since then, a new debate has sparked over which kind of reading was best: one that one conducted in person, or one that was held online. Both debates have valid reasoning behind them, but it seems more often than not people are choosing online readers as their preferred method of getting advice. Here are some of the main reasons clients often prefer an online reading. There’s Little to No Chance of Simply Getting a Cold Reading Skeptics often accuse psychics of being nothing more than cold readers. A cold reading is where a fake psychic will look over a person and attempt to read any signals the client unknowingly gives off in order to make high-probability guesses and pass it off as a genuine reading. When it comes to getting a good tarot reading, there is no chance of this happening. The cards alone…

The Top 6 Cards for Mental Health Issues

It’s not unusual for someone to turn to tarot cards when they’re at their most vulnerable or when they feel the most uncertain about where they are in their lives. It stands to reason, then, that tarot cards have the ability to underscore the causes of these difficulties which can sometimes turn out to be related to things like depression, addiction or anxiety. It’s important to be able to recognize cards that may indicate a mental health issue coming into play, especially if you aren’t comfortable divulging that information to your reader. The Moon Inverted Even upright this card can representfear and anxiety, that something is being hidden from you by your subconscious. Inverted, the Moon indicates that you have several mental health issues that could be coming into play that you’ve yet to address or explore. These could be anxiety, or a phobia that is currently blocking your path. Whatever the cause, you need to face the reality of your road block or seek the help of someone who can help you do it. The Nine of Swords The source of your pain in this card is a feedback loop of negative self-talk brought on by depression. You’re stuck in a cycle of thinking that you’re awful, and that…

Some Basic Differences Between Online and Offline Psychics

With the new era of the Internet comes a type of psychic reading that hasn’t been seen before. While the past did offer psychic hotlines, the Internet lets those who want to have a tarot card reading experience the session in a variety of different ways that come with their own sets of pros and cons. While the service is the same, the methods and abilities of each type of service change drastically depending on the type of online tarot card reading method chosen. Face to Face Interactions When using an online tarot card reading service, unless you’re opting to use one that utilizes video, the face to face connection that you get from being in the same room as a reader is completely lost. Being able to see a reader face to face allows for a client to be able to completely understand the context of the conversation currently being had. While chatting with someone over text, sometimes the tone and meaning behind the words is lost. Imagine saying “Hi” to someone offline. They know by your tone whether you’re disgruntled or blissful. This is lost over text in most instances. Being able to have a face to face interaction with a reader allows for no misunderstandings to be…

3 Stories That Use The Tarot Right

The cards appear often in fiction. Sometimes characters will get readings in series, as an easy way to bring in foreshadowing. Other times, they will build comedy around reacting to a bad reading. This use, though, isn’t always good. Often, people will misinterpret the cards or make fun of those who read them. If you’re looking for shows or even games that use tarot motifs correctly and respectfully, check these things out. Persona 4 The Persona series is one of the most popular role playing games to come from Japan in recent years. Each game takes place in the same universe, but introduces a new cast so you can pick them up at any point. Persona 4, for the PlayStation 2 uses tarot motifs to develop the supporting cast. As the main character of Persona 4 goes through school and part-time jobs, he makes friends with plenty of characters. Each one represents major arcana of a tarot deck. The struggles that they go through are representative of themes in the tarot deck. For certain arcana, you can also meet their shadow, characters that represent the reversed form of the card. For example, the character representing the Lovers is a young woman named Rise. Of the characters, she is the one…


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