Using Tarot Reading to Help Cope With Hard Times

Occasionally, life throws curve balls that are simply unavoidable. This can mean being laid off or losing the beloved family dog. These are both situations you don’t have to go through alone and that can be helped by consulting and talking to a psychic about. Use a psychic to help you understand the trying times or sad situations you find yourself in. Losing a Job Loss of income can be an extremely devastating time in someone’s life. Along with coping with a direct blow to their self-esteem, they also may be facing the monetary struggles that come along with being out of work. Where will they get their next meal from? How will they provide for their family? Will they have a house to come home to next month? These are all valid questions and ones that a psychic may have some insight on. Go for cheap or free psychics if your income is severely limited. Ask questions about work and possible job opportunities. Instead of finding a sense of complacency with positive answers, take them as signs of hope. Breaking Up Breakups can be something that a person who used to be in a relationship takes very hard. If they thought the relationship was going great, it can sometimes…

The Best Ways to Sway Non-Believers into Seeing a Tarot Reader

If someone has consulted a psychic and received a very good reading, chances are they will very likely keep going back for future guidance. There’s also a very good chance that they will want to share their knew found knowledge with friends and family, and want to bring them in for a tarot reading as well. But, as they’ll quickly learn, not everyone is a fan of tarot readers. A lot of people think of psychics and tarot readers to be nothing more than the same kind of cheap fortune tellers one might find at a traveling carnival. They think it’s all a bunch of nonsense that only suckers buy into, and will claim they’d rather not waste money on something so obviously fake. While it’s true that you won’t be able to convince everyone of readers amazing abilities, here are some good ways to start swaying a non-believer into consulting a tarot reader. Know Who You’re Talking to Sometimes there are just some people who won’t budge on their opinions. They can be shown proof over and over, and still refuse to give up their beliefs. If someone wants to convince a friend or family member that a tarot reader is a great go-to option, they should first know…

Know Before You Go: The Best Minor Arcana for Money

It’s always good to know a little more about the cards you’re about to have read, even if you aren’t the one actually interpreting them. After all, if you know more about the cards you’re in a better position to interpret them, possibly catching onto something that even your reader might have missed. And if you’re going in for a reading related to money it’s especially important that you pay close attention. Four of Pentacles – Exposure This is a great card to get for questions related to money when presented upright. It signifies that you’ll be in a position of financial security with a solid foundation. Reversed, however, you may find your money slipping through your fingers as you watch helplessly. That security you had is lost and your foundation is crumbling. Five of Pentacles – Poverty This is one of the rare pentacle cards that’s best presented reversed. The reverse of this card is telling you that the solution to your financial woes is right in front of you, all you have to do is open your eyes and see. Confusion may be blocking your vision, so try to look at your situation from a different perspective to help you see the answer that’s already there. Reversed this…

How to Choose the Tarot Cleansing Method That Works Best for You

There’s more to being a tarot practitioner than simply flipping cards over and reciting their meanings off by heart. Being able to read the Tarot means you need to know how to properly maintain your deck. Most psychic tools accumulate energy as they are used. Unfortunately, some of that energy can have a negative influence on how well the cards can divine answers to the questions you ask them. The method of removing this negative energy is called “cleansing,” and it’s something that anyone who’s familiar with the Tarot has done. Because there are number of different ways to cleanse a tarot deck, you’ll likely have to do some experimentation in order to find a cleansing method that works best for you and your cards. Decide What Suits You More As with the way you choose and store your deck, the way you cleanse it is going to almost depend entirely on what you prefer. Many people prefer to cleanse their decks with the smoke of sage. However, not everyone can stand the smell of that smoke. That unpleasant association can actually impact the cleansing process, meaning your cards will still have traces of negative energy attached to them when you’re done. If you don’t like the idea of cleansing…


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