Why Your Reader Shouldn’t Use the Gay Tarot, Especially If You’re LGBT

If you’re an old hat in the world of tarot reading, you know that there are dozens and dozens of decks out there that your reader could use when you go in for a session. Often they choose decks based on who their querant even more than the question being asked. If you’re a Christian, they may choose a deck based on an Angelic theme. If you’re more traditional you may get a spread based on the Rider-Waite themed decks. And if you’re a member of the LGBT community, your reader may be tempted to use the Gay Tarot deck for your readings thinking that it may be more attuned to you. That assumption is wrong, and no good reader should ever be caught so much as owning this deck for any other reason than novelty. What Is LGBT? LGBT has become the acronym to replace what was commonly referred to as a homosexual or gay person. It encompasses a much broader category of people and includes a similarly broader community. A transgendered person may not be homosexual, after all, and would be left out of the community if either term was used. A bisexual person would as well, and as the term gay is almost universally applied to men…

Three Suggestions You Can Give Your Psychic to Get a Better Reading

A lot of people think that psychics are able to get an accurate reading for you no matter what. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. It’s entirely possible for a psychic to get a reading wrong, particularly if it’s your first time visiting that particular psychic. This isn’t to say that a psychic that makes an inaccurate reading is a fake or a scammer, however; in many circumstances if the psychic is not familiar with you it can throw the energy off. If you’re about to go and see a new psychic in order to get a reading done, you’re probably going to want to make some suggestions to ensure that the energy is flowing right and in your favor. Ask Them to Use a Different Deck While the divination power of the Tarot comes from the cards themselves, the imagery and theme of the cards is very important as well. For this reason, many psychics possess more than one tarot deck. Before you get a reading done most psychics will show you the deck they intend to use. If you find that you feel no connection to the energy of the deck that they’re currently using, you can and should ask if they would be willing to use another deck.…

The Ladies of the Tarot and How They Can Influence Your Reading

Tarot decks of every kind are full of images of beautiful women, from draping robes to regal gowns to lion taming. Women of all walks of life show up in the cards, and though at first glance they may just seem like pretty pictures, they’re far more than that. These symbolic designs affect your subconscious mind, guiding you towards intuitive interpretations that help you make major life decisions with every reading. They’re key players in every deck. The High Priestess The character depicted here is usually more of a girl than a woman as her youth is meant to represent a kind of purity. She’s also usually wearing robes of a calming color, often a light blue to represent a clear, even mind. Around her are drawn various symbols of wisdom, ranging from holy books to owls to crowns depending on the deck being used. That’s because this card represents intuition and spirituality, the first card in the deck to represent the feminine divine. The Empress Immediately after the High Priestess in the deck, you find the Empress. This card symbolizes everything we come to associate with earthiness and being well grounded. Images associated with her range from shields to full curved hips to literal paintings of the Venus symbol…


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