Can Christians Have Their Tarot Cards Read?

Often when we think of tarot cards, we imagine witches hovering over crystal balls with candles burning in the background, the scent of incense heavy in the air. But with tarot becoming more and more mainstream, your reader is just as likely to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt as they are to be seen in flowing robes and a pentacle necklace. In the modern age of tarot reading, is the activity still taboo for Christians? Christian Tarot Decks One of the leading reasons why Christians feel uncomfortable with tarot card reading is because of their association with Paganism. This is why with the invention of Christian tarot decks, a solid argument could be made in their favor. Readers of these decks often claim that rather than pulling their inspiration from the nebulous spirits and “otherness” of the world, that their readings are divinely inspired. That the cards are simply a way of communicating with God, much like prayer is used to help an individual find guidance. And the existence of Christian tarot decks certainly seems to make this case as well. All with a heavy emphasis on angels and Jesus, decks like the Angels Tarot and the Connolly Tarot show that tarot can be effectively used without any New…


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