3 Stories That Use The Tarot Right

The cards appear often in fiction. Sometimes characters will get readings in series, as an easy way to bring in foreshadowing. Other times, they will build comedy around reacting to a bad reading. This use, though, isn’t always good. Often, people will misinterpret the cards or make fun of those who read them. If you’re looking for shows or even games that use tarot motifs correctly and respectfully, check these things out. Persona 4 The Persona series is one of the most popular role playing games to come from Japan in recent years. Each game takes place in the same universe, but introduces a new cast so you can pick them up at any point. Persona 4, for the PlayStation 2 uses tarot motifs to develop the supporting cast. As the main character of Persona 4 goes through school and part-time jobs, he makes friends with plenty of characters. Each one represents major arcana of a tarot deck. The struggles that they go through are representative of themes in the tarot deck. For certain arcana, you can also meet their shadow, characters that represent the reversed form of the card. For example, the character representing the Lovers is a young woman named Rise. Of the characters, she is the one…


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