Three Ways to Augment Your Tarot Readings

While the Tarot is a powerful psychic tool on its own, there are ways to augment the power it has. While these methods aren’t necessarily going to work for everyone, they are methods that have been used throughout the centuries by psychics looking to increase the accuracy of their tarot decks. As with the Tarot itself, these methods of augmentation likely won’t work unless the practitioner is a true believer in all things psychic. If you’re a frequent and dedicated user of the Tarot and you’d like to try to augment your deck, these ancient methods may be worth experimenting with in order to see if they’ll work for you. Crystals You’re likely already aware that crystals have very strong mystic properties. They are used mainly for cleansing, but many people choose to use them as amplifiers, as well. It’s for this latter purpose that you may want to consider obtaining some. Many people believe that storing their tarot cards with crystals serves not only to cleanse the cards, but to augment their energy as well. As far as storing with crystals goes, most people choose to use quartz because of its cleansing properties. Some people choose to use crystals during a reading, usually by positioning them at key points…

The Top 3 Misunderstood Major Arcana and What You Really Need to Know

Many tarot cards are self-explanatory. For instance, The World card is often interpreted to mean that the entire situation or part of life in question is involved in the reading. The Sun is a card that brings hope and positivity to life. Due to pop culture or supposed common sense, however, some tarot cards get a reputation they don’t deserve. These cards are thought to mean one thing but often mean something else. Other cards can mean what people often think they do, but those same people don’t understand the full meaning or interpretation of the card. Learn more about the top three misunderstood major arcana tarot cards before going to your next psychic reading. Death The Death arcana is known for being exactly what it describes itself to be: the harbinger of death. While this is true in some aspects, the misunderstanding arises when tarot card newbies think that this is all the fateful Death card means. When the Death card comes up in a spread, it could possibly mean that death or illness is near. On the other hand, the Death arcana can mean that the end of ANYTHING is near. This can be the end of a relationship, a job, or a sticky situation you find yourself…

Is it Wise to Bring a Friend, Hubby, or Family Member to Your Tarot Reading?

Tarot card readings are often seen as extremely personal and require an intimate connection between the psychic, the client, and the walls around them (or their location in cyberspace if the session is online). This doesn’t stop some tarot card enthusiasts from wondering whether or not they can include another person in the readings they go to receive. It’s often you see a mother and daughter going to a reading together, or perhaps two friends who want to try out a psychic for the novelty factor. Those who take Tarot more seriously often worry that the extra energy in the room will make their own personal reading more muddled. In truth, it’s fine to bring along a friend, lover, or family member for a reading as long as the situation is taken seriously and the reading doesn’t become too muddled. Friends and Readings The stereotypical scenario that involves two friends getting their fortunes told is one that includes two overly excited women getting flustered by the mysticism of a psychic. This scenario isn’t unrealistic as many women do find tarot card reading to be novelty and something fun to do with a friend every once in a while. If you take tarot card readings seriously, make sure your friend understands…

4 Things You Should Never Consult Your Tarot Reader For

Any professional tarot reader can tell you that when it comes to questions, they’ve heard it all. No matter what you have to ask, no matter how silly or embarrassed you may feel, someone else has asked the same or stranger. Asking a question that seems out of left field is one thing; any good reader expects to get these once in a while and shouldn’t be taken aback or risk appearing unprofessional by the occasional curveball. But there are some things you just plain shouldn’t ask your tarot reader that you’d think would be common sense, yet tarot readers hear them all the time anyway. The Non Believer “I don’t believe in tarot but I thought I’d give this a try anyway” is one of the kinder ways to put it. Tarot readers have reported far ruder, having some customers go so far as to call their entire line of work a fraud. Everyone’s free to believe whatever they want. No one is forcing you to believe in tarot, or even forcing you to have your cards read. If you go into an experience expecting it to be negative it usually will be, and treating someone’s life work like a joke is rude besides. You have to wonder why…

3 Arcana Most Likely To Be Read In Different Ways

A deck only has so many cards, but people ask it many questions. As such, each card can mean a variety of things. Many cards cover things within a theme that is easy to summarize. Others, though, cover different areas that relate less to each other. Within the major arcana, some cards have different meanings. If one of these cards turns up, know that the meaning might not be what you first expect. Note that all these reference the card coming up upright. Every card has an opposite meaning should it come up reversed. This is referencing how the same upright card can mean different things. The Magician Sometimes called the Juggler, the magician takes on different readings depending on the deck. In some readings, he is a trickster. Not always the best one, but one who causes upset around him. This could be cause to think about the trickster’s purpose. It is a role not rooted in serious deceit but in making fun. That doesn’t mean you should let your guard down, as those who mean to fool are not always kind. In other instances, the Magician is the fool on the next step of their journey. They have learned just enough on their journey to start talking, but…


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