Your Psychic Cheat Sheet: The Importance of Keeping a Tarot Diary

For a beginner, learning how to use and divine meanings from psychic tools can be very difficult. Depending on what tools you use, there are easy ways to get familiar with the methods of divination, as well as any meanings that arise from them. One of the most popular psychic tools is the Tarot and it’s also one that many people choose to begin their psychic learning with. If you’re about to start using a tarot deck, you’re likely going to find that the sheer amount of cards, along with the meanings attached to them, can be overwhelming from a learning standpoint. Fortunately, you don’t have to commit everything to memory right away. Part of learning the Tarot is becoming familiar with each and every card, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to keep a tarot diary. Once you’ve started keeping a diary, you can easily use it for quick reference should you need while doing a reading. Your Connection One of the first things you should use your tarot diary for is to go through all the cards in both the Major and Minor Arcana and write down how you personally relate to what they represent. For example, instead of viewing Death as an ominous…

What You Need to Know When Shopping for Your Tarot Deck

Buying tools used for psychic divination isn’t quite like shopping for clothes or for a car. You’ll be using these tools to discover very personal things about yourself, which means you’re going to want to select items that appeal to you both in an aesthetic and emotional way. A good example of this is the tarot deck. Contrary to what people who aren’t familiar with all things psychic may think, you can’t just pick up any deck of tarot cards and immediately experience success with the readings you get from it. It’s important to understand many of the myths and superstitions that surrounding the Tarot before you start shopping. Once you do, you may have a greater appreciation for its history and more importantly, how important a tool it could become to you. Consider Receiving One for a Gift There’s a very old superstition out there that relates to just how one obtains a tarot deck. It states that by purchasing a tarot deck for yourself, you’re rendering whatever reading powers it has null and void. In order to be able to access the powers of the Tarot, you must receive a deck as a gift from someone else. Of course, there’s no way to prove that this superstition is…

Some Basic Differences Between Online and Offline Psychics

With the new era of the Internet comes a type of psychic reading that hasn’t been seen before. While the past did offer psychic hotlines, the Internet lets those who want to have a tarot card reading experience the session in a variety of different ways that come with their own sets of pros and cons. While the service is the same, the methods and abilities of each type of service change drastically depending on the type of online tarot card reading method chosen. Face to Face Interactions When using an online tarot card reading service, unless you’re opting to use one that utilizes video, the face to face connection that you get from being in the same room as a reader is completely lost. Being able to see a reader face to face allows for a client to be able to completely understand the context of the conversation currently being had. While chatting with someone over text, sometimes the tone and meaning behind the words is lost. Imagine saying “Hi” to someone offline. They know by your tone whether you’re disgruntled or blissful. This is lost over text in most instances. Being able to have a face to face interaction with a reader allows for no misunderstandings to be…

How Much Should a Tarot Reading Cost?

Being brand new to anything brings up all kinds of questions about cost and value. When you’re buying a new car you always want to make sure you’ve done your research so you know that a specific brand with a specific package isn’t worth what your dealer is trying to sell it at. This gives you the ability to choose the best car for you within your price range. Tarot is no different. When it comes to the world of tarot readings, you have a lot of options, and it’s best to learn all about the different cost tiers before you go in. Free Tarot Readings A lot of professional readers make their bones by offering free readings. It’s a great way to get started, to get your name out there and to build a reputation. This is a great opportunity for them, but it can also be a great opportunity for you if you do it right. Anyone who’s new to the scene and is offering free readings may be the next big thing, after all. But beware someone who’s been at it for years and is offering free readings anyway – those are probably free for a good reason. Budget Readings You may see signs on a door…

5 Major Arcana That Promise Stability

The cards often act in dramatic ways. They herald change or reveal deceit. They might uncover hidden affections or push you to look inside yourself. That is not the case with all cards, though. Some major arcana promote structure and harmony. Each card has its own nuanced meaning, reflecting stability in a different aspect of life. If any of these cards turn up in your reading, you can know that a sudden twist is not coming down the line. The High Priestess The High Priestess is a strong commanding woman. In many instances, it represents stability of the mind. Though there may be turmoil in your life, listen to your intuition to guide you through it. It also represents feminine strength. If it turns up in a reading for a woman, it can represent her strength and independence. She needs no man to rule alongside her. For men, it can represent strong or ideal feminine presences in their lives or selves. The Emperor While the High Priestess is feminine, the Emperor is masculine. This card represents authority such as the government. It can be a sign of stability, and how a strong ruler serves their people. By remaining calm and stable, they can strengthen their community and give them confidence.…


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