Using a Tarot Card Reading for Baby News and Predictions

Superstition is common among those who have had children. Many mothers talk about certain signs and symbols indicating that a child is a boy or a girl or what color their hair will be. Tarot card readers can give services to those in every stage of expecting in order to guide them along the way to and during a pregnancy. Before You’re Expecting Those who plan on having a baby often go to great lengths in order to ensure the conception is confirmed and stays. Many couples who are having trouble conceiving or who would like to have a baby go to psychics to ask their opinion on their energy and the possibility of having a child. Couples who want to have children can ask questions to their psychics, if their efforts will be rewards, and how long it may take before they see a baby actually come to full term. During the Pregnancy Expectant mothers are always concerned about how their baby is doing while it’s growing inside of them. Doctors can give concrete answers, but a doctor can’t predict the future in a lot of cases. A mother has the ability to go to a psychic and ask questions about the baby that can be answered via tarot…

The Top 4 Silly Questions People Ask Their Psychics and Why You Should Avoid Them

Many questions tarot card reading clients ask their psychics are well thought out and completely legitimate. Others need to be brought back to the drawing board. Avoid asking your psychic silly questions that have no business being read for. You’re simply wasting their time and your money. Here are some truly outrageous questions that should be left at home or simply thrown in your mind’s garbage bin instead of asked at the divination table. “Does He/She Like Me?” While it is perfectly understandable and reasonable to ask a psychic about the state of your love life, refrain from asking the questions a teen might ask an Ouija board or gossip about with her girlfriends. Asking a psychic about small crushes you have can be very taxing on their energy and irritating to them on a personal level. Confirm that a crush is more than just puppy love before pestering a psychic over and over again about guy after guy or girl after girl. When the relationship or feelings are more concrete, then you can go ask and see if anything is in the cards for the romance. “What Will I Eat For Lunch?” or Similarly Asinine Questions It’s the sign of a skeptic when a client comes into a tarot…

The Best Ways to Sway Non-Believers into Seeing a Tarot Reader

If someone has consulted a psychic and received a very good reading, chances are they will very likely keep going back for future guidance. There’s also a very good chance that they will want to share their knew found knowledge with friends and family, and want to bring them in for a tarot reading as well. But, as they’ll quickly learn, not everyone is a fan of tarot readers. A lot of people think of psychics and tarot readers to be nothing more than the same kind of cheap fortune tellers one might find at a traveling carnival. They think it’s all a bunch of nonsense that only suckers buy into, and will claim they’d rather not waste money on something so obviously fake. While it’s true that you won’t be able to convince everyone of readers amazing abilities, here are some good ways to start swaying a non-believer into consulting a tarot reader. Know Who You’re Talking to Sometimes there are just some people who won’t budge on their opinions. They can be shown proof over and over, and still refuse to give up their beliefs. If someone wants to convince a friend or family member that a tarot reader is a great go-to option, they should first know…

Tarot Cards That Often Get Misinterpreted By Beginners

Everyone stars somewhere when it comes to reading the Tarot. No one starts off as the perfect reader, and it can be very easy to make mistakes with a reading in the beginning. One of the main causes of this is using a deck that doesn’t speak to the reader. Some cards can be more vague than others and might not leave the reader with enough room for interpretation. But, assuming the reader has the right deck and they connect well with it, there are a still a few ways that one can botch up a reading the first few times. One of the biggest ways to do this is not exactly knowing what some of the cards mean. While the Tarot can be vague and mysterious at times, some cards may appear to be very to the point. But, not all cards are straight forward. Below are some of the most commonly misinterpret cards that beginners should be aware of. Death The Death card is likely one of the most misread cards in a Tarot deck. Most know that the card doesn’t represent literal death, but many beginnings to interpret it as something negative. They might read the card and meaning that something important in their life is about…

Some Basic Differences Between Online and Offline Psychics

With the new era of the Internet comes a type of psychic reading that hasn’t been seen before. While the past did offer psychic hotlines, the Internet lets those who want to have a tarot card reading experience the session in a variety of different ways that come with their own sets of pros and cons. While the service is the same, the methods and abilities of each type of service change drastically depending on the type of online tarot card reading method chosen. Face to Face Interactions When using an online tarot card reading service, unless you’re opting to use one that utilizes video, the face to face connection that you get from being in the same room as a reader is completely lost. Being able to see a reader face to face allows for a client to be able to completely understand the context of the conversation currently being had. While chatting with someone over text, sometimes the tone and meaning behind the words is lost. Imagine saying “Hi” to someone offline. They know by your tone whether you’re disgruntled or blissful. This is lost over text in most instances. Being able to have a face to face interaction with a reader allows for no misunderstandings to be…

How to Choose the Tarot Cleansing Method That Works Best for You

There’s more to being a tarot practitioner than simply flipping cards over and reciting their meanings off by heart. Being able to read the Tarot means you need to know how to properly maintain your deck. Most psychic tools accumulate energy as they are used. Unfortunately, some of that energy can have a negative influence on how well the cards can divine answers to the questions you ask them. The method of removing this negative energy is called “cleansing,” and it’s something that anyone who’s familiar with the Tarot has done. Because there are number of different ways to cleanse a tarot deck, you’ll likely have to do some experimentation in order to find a cleansing method that works best for you and your cards. Decide What Suits You More As with the way you choose and store your deck, the way you cleanse it is going to almost depend entirely on what you prefer. Many people prefer to cleanse their decks with the smoke of sage. However, not everyone can stand the smell of that smoke. That unpleasant association can actually impact the cleansing process, meaning your cards will still have traces of negative energy attached to them when you’re done. If you don’t like the idea of cleansing…

4 Questions to Ask a Psychic to See if They’re the Real Deal

It’s often that first time tarot reading clients go into a reading completely blind. Instead of walking into a reading without vetting a psychic, arm yourself with questions that can allow you to confirm whether or not the psychic is truly the real deal or a big, fat phony. “How Long Have You Been Practicing?” It’s always good to pick the most experience tarot card reader you can find. Experience means a lot when it comes to psychics. Someone who has been reading cards for twenty years isn’t just someone working on a hobby. If you find a psychic who hasn’t been reading very long, be wary. When you do find a psychic who is eager to brag about their long running career, try to find proof that they have been around as long as they claim. “Do You Offer Extra Services?” A big red flag after a psychic reading is over is the reader offering extra services based on the reading. Be very wary if a reader gives you bad news during the reading and then offers to somehow fix the problem. This can come in the form of cleansing, sage burning, or charms and objects to help you become rid of bad spirits. Listen to the list that…


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