The Top 4 Silly Questions People Ask Their Psychics and Why You Should Avoid Them

Many questions tarot card reading clients ask their psychics are well thought out and completely legitimate. Others need to be brought back to the drawing board. Avoid asking your psychic silly questions that have no business being read for. You’re simply wasting their time and your money. Here are some truly outrageous questions that should be left at home or simply thrown in your mind’s garbage bin instead of asked at the divination table. “Does He/She Like Me?” While it is perfectly understandable and reasonable to ask a psychic about the state of your love life, refrain from asking the questions a teen might ask an Ouija board or gossip about with her girlfriends. Asking a psychic about small crushes you have can be very taxing on their energy and irritating to them on a personal level. Confirm that a crush is more than just puppy love before pestering a psychic over and over again about guy after guy or girl after girl. When the relationship or feelings are more concrete, then you can go ask and see if anything is in the cards for the romance. “What Will I Eat For Lunch?” or Similarly Asinine Questions It’s the sign of a skeptic when a client comes into a tarot…

Tarot Cards That Often Get Misinterpreted By Beginners

Everyone stars somewhere when it comes to reading the Tarot. No one starts off as the perfect reader, and it can be very easy to make mistakes with a reading in the beginning. One of the main causes of this is using a deck that doesn’t speak to the reader. Some cards can be more vague than others and might not leave the reader with enough room for interpretation. But, assuming the reader has the right deck and they connect well with it, there are a still a few ways that one can botch up a reading the first few times. One of the biggest ways to do this is not exactly knowing what some of the cards mean. While the Tarot can be vague and mysterious at times, some cards may appear to be very to the point. But, not all cards are straight forward. Below are some of the most commonly misinterpret cards that beginners should be aware of. Death The Death card is likely one of the most misread cards in a Tarot deck. Most know that the card doesn’t represent literal death, but many beginnings to interpret it as something negative. They might read the card and meaning that something important in their life is about…

4 Tips for Avoiding Scam Psychic Sites

The biggest concern that believers find themselves worrying over is the fact that some psychics out there are complete frauds. In order to find the real psychics that exist both in real life and online, make sure you know what to look for and how to tell a real psychic site or reader from someone who is the genuine article. Focusing on legitimate psychic sites means you’ll be able to receive accurate readings while supporting a true believer in the Tarot. Do Your Homework Knowing whether a psychic site is the real deal involves knowing a little bit about the services they offer. If you don’t know anything about psychic sciences and how they should be handled means you don’t really have a grasp on whether something is truly a scam or not. Research some things about tarot card readings, or at least enough to know the real info when you see it. Then go and search some psychic sites. You’ll find that it’s easy to tell the legitimate sites with the real and forthcoming information from the sites that are obviously out to con you of your money. Look For Reviews Never spend money on anything without reading a review for it. This is a great piece of advice…

4 Questions to Ask a Psychic to See if They’re the Real Deal

It’s often that first time tarot reading clients go into a reading completely blind. Instead of walking into a reading without vetting a psychic, arm yourself with questions that can allow you to confirm whether or not the psychic is truly the real deal or a big, fat phony. “How Long Have You Been Practicing?” It’s always good to pick the most experience tarot card reader you can find. Experience means a lot when it comes to psychics. Someone who has been reading cards for twenty years isn’t just someone working on a hobby. If you find a psychic who hasn’t been reading very long, be wary. When you do find a psychic who is eager to brag about their long running career, try to find proof that they have been around as long as they claim. “Do You Offer Extra Services?” A big red flag after a psychic reading is over is the reader offering extra services based on the reading. Be very wary if a reader gives you bad news during the reading and then offers to somehow fix the problem. This can come in the form of cleansing, sage burning, or charms and objects to help you become rid of bad spirits. Listen to the list that…


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