Why Your Tarot Reader Needs to Keep a Professional Distance

Sometimes your tarot reader can seem a lot like a cross between a therapist and a best friend. They’re your first call when something goes wrong in your life, the first person you send a message to when a reading turned out to be accurate, and the person you tell all your little dark secrets to, confident in their ability to keep it all tightly under wraps. Unfortunately this can lead to some misconceptions on the side of the client, which can quickly lead to hurt feelings or disappointment. As much as they may like you, a professional tarot reader needs to keep an equally professional distance from you, and for good reason. The Accuracy of Your Readings The reason a lot of readers don’t recommend that their clients do their own readings is because it can lead to a heavy bias. For example, you want to know if the girl you really like feels the same way about you. You’d like to ask her out, but you want to see if you have a shot at it before you step up to the plate. Obviously in this scenario you’re hoping for a favorable outcome: that your cards will tell you that the girl likes you back. And unfortunately, since…

Three Ways to Augment Your Tarot Readings

While the Tarot is a powerful psychic tool on its own, there are ways to augment the power it has. While these methods aren’t necessarily going to work for everyone, they are methods that have been used throughout the centuries by psychics looking to increase the accuracy of their tarot decks. As with the Tarot itself, these methods of augmentation likely won’t work unless the practitioner is a true believer in all things psychic. If you’re a frequent and dedicated user of the Tarot and you’d like to try to augment your deck, these ancient methods may be worth experimenting with in order to see if they’ll work for you. Crystals You’re likely already aware that crystals have very strong mystic properties. They are used mainly for cleansing, but many people choose to use them as amplifiers, as well. It’s for this latter purpose that you may want to consider obtaining some. Many people believe that storing their tarot cards with crystals serves not only to cleanse the cards, but to augment their energy as well. As far as storing with crystals goes, most people choose to use quartz because of its cleansing properties. Some people choose to use crystals during a reading, usually by positioning them at key points…

5 Tarot Decks Any Good Reader Should Own

If you ask any tarot reader what their five favorite decks are, whether they’re professional readers or just hobbyists, you’re going to get five different answers. Everyone has their own deck that they prefer working with for new readers, a deck they prefer to use a certain kind of year, or even decks for different kinds of situations. But if you ask a tarot reader what they think the five most crucial decks are, odds are good that the answers you get are going to be a little more universal. Below you’ll find five of the most commonly used tarot decks considered to be universally essentials that any good reader should own. Waite-Smith Tarot The Waite-Smith tarot deck is the cornerstone of tarot and a must own for anyone who’s serious about becoming a reader. It’s also one of the best decks to learn off of. The images on the cards are clear and don’t require a lot of experience to be able to interpret, and almost every other deck you’ll ever pick up will base its designs off of this one. Knowing this deck will not only make sure you’re providing your querants with clear readings, but it’ll help make reading other decks a lot easier. The Hanson-Roberts Tarot…

3 Signs For A More Stable Love Life

When getting a reading, asking the right questions is important. There are many types of spreads for different needs. Asking for a generic relationship spread could leave you unsatisfied. After all, it might just restate things you already knew, or not give you the advice you really need. If you’re having problems with a significant other, there are a few spreads that would be helpful. Consider these the next time you seek out a reading to help guide your relationship. Partnership as Mirror When in a relationship, you have to understand what this means for you. Each person brings a lot of needs to the table, even if they don’t recognize it. This isn’t a bad thing. People need human interaction to stay happy and healthy. It is important to remember, though, that everyone is different. What is one person needs, another person might feel stressed out about. The Partnership as Mirror spread is a good way to understand own qualities in the relationship. It is a ten card spread. Each of the cards represents a different aspect of the asker. Questions focus on how the asker feels about themselves and the relationship. This encourages self-reflection and a deeper understanding of current actions. In light of the new understanding, the…


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