The Fools Journey: The Story of the Major Arcana

Did you know that the major arcana actually tell a story? It’s one of personal growth, starting with the first card and running through the last, and is often told to help beginning tarot readers learn about the various needs of each card. Below is the story they learn. The Story You start your journey as a Fool. You’re excited about what the world has to offer you and what it has in store for you. You search for knowledge, you continue as the Magician, discovering where the boundaries are around you and how you might adjust the world around you to change them. As your knowledge grows, you realize that there are different realms of knowing that you hadn’t considered before. You become the High Priestess, freeing your intuition. Through the High Priestess you come to discover that everything in nature must remain balanced. You become more in tune with the earth, learning as the Empress to become in tune with the emotions of the world. But neither emotions nor knowledge are enough; every society needs rules to follow, which you learn as you discover the Emperor. It’s natural that your quest for knowing the world might bring you outside of it, and as the Hierophant you begin to…

Should You Sit In On A Friend’s Reading?

In most instances, a reading is a conversation between a customer and reader. The customer outlines their needs or problem, and the reader goes over the cards that hold the answers. Often, people do this in private. Sometimes, though, readings are public. People will invite others into their readings, or just not kick them out when they’re already traveling as a group. These are times when an audience is not intended. However, there are situations whereas an audience can help a customer. If you’ve got a friend with a tarot related issue, sitting in on a reading with them might be the solution First Time Sometimes people are unsure about their reading. Perhaps they aren’t sold on the cards, yet, or they are simply nervous about the psychic. It is understandable, as readings take a big leap of faith. For some, having a friend sit in on their first reading is a help. If you have a friend who wants to learn about readings, consider walking them through your process. You can help them prepare for a reading by picking a good spread and questions. This will make sure they get effective answers that they can use going forward. Second Opinion There are times when you’re not so sure about…

Know Before You Go: The Minor Arcana Suits Explained

There’s lots to learn about the world of tarot, and thankfully you don’t have to be an expert to get a reading done – that’s what your reader’s for, after all. But it’s definitely useful to have at least some of the basics down since this knowledge can significantly enhance your reading experience. The more familiar with the cards you are the more intuitive the reading is going to be for you. Your reader will also be in a better position to make interpretations on your behalf if you can read the cards correctly and help him or her along with events that may seem confusing to someone who isn’t living through them. Knowing the basics about the Minor Arcana, the second of two categories of cards in the tarot deck, is a great start. Wands The Wands, sometimes also referred to as the Staves, are the suit of movement, action and creativity. This is the can-do suit, the suit you want to see appear when you’re talking about starting a new project. They’re associated with enthusiasm, risk-taking, confidence and adventure. They’re associated with the element of fire for the force of energy they can provide. Fire can destroy, but it can also generate a passion that allows for new…


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