Should You or Your Tarot Reader Pick the Spread You Use

Some psychics deal in drawing cards randomly and using them for their divination. Other psychics arrange cards in patterns known as spreads in order to read a fortune. A spread can indicate the type of question being asked and how accurate the reading will be based on the spread chosen. Many tarot card newbies don’t know that they can request a specific spread be used during a session. Usually the psychic in charge of the session chooses which spread is used. Because you have two options, which should you pick? Choosing a spread on your own or letting a psychic do it for you? Learning About Spreads Before you decide on a spread, it’s absolutely important that you understand what certain spreads mean. For instance, if you want to know about general areas of your life, spreads that deal with specific instances or questions wouldn’t be good for the kind of reading you want. In the opposite scenario, asking a specific question when the spread is general doesn’t help you obtain the information that you want. Learn about which spreads are good for what things. Most spreads have a specific card placed in specific locations that can explain something based on where it is in the spread. This is crucial…

Damage Control: What to do If You’ve Been Scammed on a Psychic Website

The Internet makes almost everything more convenient. Whether you’re looking to shop for clothes or get a psychic reading done, you can easily find what you need online. Unfortunately, as easy as it is to find what you need online, it’s also very easy to get scammed online. This is something you need to be aware of no matter what you’re doing, but particularly if you’re going to be paying money for a service. If, for example, you’re looking to get a psychic reading done online, you should be aware that there’s a small risk that you may end up using a website that’s not entirely trustworthy. If that happens to you, it’simperative that you know how to do some damage control. Call the Relevant Institutions If you suspect that your financial information has been compromised in any way, you need to contact your bank, your credit card company, or both. You should let them know instantly that you suspect that either your bank account information has been hacked or that someone has had access to your credit card number. Once you’ve relayed this information, the bank or credit card company will take the steps needed either to cancel your credit card or block all access to your bank account.…


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