3 Reason Why a Tarot Reading Won’t Be like What You See in the Movies

Most first time consultants of tarot readers aren’t entirely sure what to expect. They’ve likely seen countless movies and TV shows depicting a mystical reader who knows someone’s life story the moment they walk through the door. They are all knowing and all powerful, and can even potentially be dangerous if you don’t pay them proper respect for their craft. Candles will light a darkened room, and perhaps a voodoo doll or two might be sitting in the corner surrounded by a circle of salt. Of course, one will quickly learn that scenarios like that are only seen in the movies. Readers Look and Act Just like Anyone Else on the Street Most people go into a tarot reading for the first time, expecting to see an exotic and enigmatic mystic. But, that’s just not how it’s going to go. Psychics and tarot readers are every day people and could easily blend in with anyone else walking down the street. While it’s not at all uncommon for a psychic to have a few or many spiritual items in their work space, don’t go in for a reading and expect the reader as well as the entire room to be shrouded in mystery. Most tarot readers try and keep a calm…


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