Can’s Psychic Readings Help Clarify Your Future?

With a site like, you aren’t going to exactly be thrilled right from the start. The layout itself is pretty disjointed, and it doesn’t scream ‘psychic reader site.’ That’s not so great. Because of the very generic layout that’s featured here, you’re going to already be a little put off. It’s hard to find your way around here, and the sign-up process is difficult. Without solid navigation and a lot of clues as to what you’re getting into, this is a site that can really end up pushing newbies away. It’s just not that appealing, either. You’ll find that once you sign up, it’s also relatively empty. You won’t be able to find a ton of different psychics lurking around on this site at any given time, which is disappointing. The Numbers Weren’t Encouraging As a part of our Whispy rating, we found ourselves digging through this site, attempting to piece together what might actually work in the span of using this site. There’s not much. As you start to look through this site, you’ll find that there’s just not a screening process here. They will hire anyone, so our final rating for this site was only a 1 out of 10. They also just don’t have a ton…

Can’s Psychic Readings Work Out For You? Nope

It’s unfortunate, but really doesn’t pull itself into the neat package of a psychic reading site that it really should. In fact, it looks like a generic dating site…maybe. It’s just boring. A generic, template layout isn’t any way to actually draw in customers and make them think about sticking around to use your services–and it’s not going to work for professional psychics, either. This contributes to the lack of care that’s put into this site, and the lack of effort. For customers, this is a site that’s going to really end up lagging behind in the latest and greatest features. For example, if you’re looking for a lot of specialists, you’re not going to be able to find them. This is a site that’s simply lacking in the basics that other psychic sites have. The Numbers Are Eh As a part of our PsychicElements rating, we were able to thoroughly survey this site, and unfortunately, we didn’t really come away with much that we could be happy with. It’s just not good. This particular site’s main issue comes from their lack of recruiting, and their lack of actual screening. This is why we could only score this site a sad 2 out of 10 on our scale. This…

Can’s Psychic Readings Do Their Job? No Way has the unfortunate problem of looking like a very half-done template site, and that’s not something that most customers are going to be drawn to. It’s empty. The layout does quite a bit to kill this site, which is really not something that you’re going to want to realize. It’s basically void of customers and of professionals alike. If you’re looking for a reliable source of professional psychics, you won’t find them here. This site, instead, just has a whole lot of random articles and facts about psychics. You can literally find all of this stuff on Google in a much easier format to read, and that’s why this site already comes off as obsolete. They really need to clean up their material. The Numbers Aren’t Great As a part of our PsychicScience rating, we found ourselves parsing through this site, attempting to make sense of it. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of positives here. It’s run down. The main issue that we immediately found here was in the serious lack of selection process that their psychics go through. Anyone can sign up, so our rating was a 2 out of 10 overall. They also just are lacking numbers when it comes to available psychics, so that means that…

Can’s Psychic Readings Do the Job? looks about as generic as any psychic site can possibly look, which isn’t a compliment. This is a site that just kind of blurs together with every other one. It doesn’t have anything special. While this site does try and push the idea of having multiple psychic readers on hand, they don’t really seem to do a great job of recruiting them in any large amount. Because of this, they often go for hours without having any live, active readers on the site for chatting, which can end up being disappointing for those living on a tight schedule. This site definitely doesn’t give you a number of options as far as readings, either. They mostly seem pretty limited to tarot readings or to basic love readings, which isn’t enough. The Numbers Aren’t Grand As a part of our TheCircle rating, we were able to really dig into this site and see what it was made of, and we weren’t very happy with what we found. It’s just not that great. It’s pretty sparse. The first issue that we ever noticed with the site was the screening process. Anyone can sign up and become a worker here, which isn’t good enough, so our rating was only a 1.5 out of…

Can’s Psychic Readings Give You What You Need? is apparently all about connecting people and their chakra, which is a whole lot of nonsense that’s not going to make much sense to newbies. It doesn’t make sense to us, either. The allure of this pastel and purple site is that it’s really ‘spiritual’ sounding, if nothing else, and that means that it’s just a whole lot of mumbo jumbo pasted over and over. This doesn’t exactly make for a good psychic reading site, that’s for sure, and it mostly just makes for something confusing that most professionals don’t want to bother with. This is definitely what we’ve realized as we’ve used this site in the past, and it’s not something that you’re going to end up changing. They just don’t care about their customers. The Numbers Aren’t Good As a part of our AngelMessenger rating, we were able to thoroughly dig into this site, and see for ourselves that it simply wasn’t what it claimed to be. It’s just not good. It’s very sparse. The main issue with this site is that they will literally hire anyone. Their selection process is really, really thin and not good, so our rating could only end up being a 3 out of 10. They also don’t have a ton of…

Can’s Psychic Readings Do the Work For You? Nah is an unfortunately cheap looking psychic reading site, and it’s not exactly trying to change that image. This was clearly thrown up in about five minutes. It’s not good. A reading site’s layout is the first impression that you’re going to get, and this site for the psychic-apparent Tara isn’t going to end up impressing any newbies anytime soon. Because of this, you’ll find yourself scratching your head and wondering what the point of this whole site is. It’s pretty empty except for her, which is going to impact usability. They also just don’t put a ton of information about the abilities this psychic has online, which is going to end up contributing to a lot of wasted time if you want specialty readings. The Numbers Are Meh As a part of our Tara-Medium rating, we were able to dig in deep with this particular site, and find out what made it tick. Unfortunately, there’s not much around here. It’s not great. The first problem that you’re going to end up running into here is the fact that it’s just a very basic screening process. They don’t really seem to care who works here, so that rating is only a 2.5 out of 10. The other problem you’ll find…

Can’s Psychic Readings Do The Work For You?

One glance at is going to tell you that this site was built in about five seconds from a very poorly made template. That’s not something that you want. There’s no care here. The lack of care with this particular site isn’t just going to stop with the layout. It continues into their recruitment process, and the numbers of psychics that they keep employed. This is a site that often utilizes automated readings, which are going to end up giving you horribly skewed and inaccurate predictions. It’s basically just a waste of your time. For your sake, you’re going to be much better off checking out other sites that actually want to focus on you as a person, and want to end up giving you more for your money. The Numbers Just Miss We ended up really being able to kick around our OnlinePsychic rating for some time, and unfortunately, we weren’t able to really uncover anything that actually wowed us. It’s not good. With this particular site, the first problem is that they just don’t bother with a screening process. Anyone can be a psychic here, so our rating was only a 3 out of 10. They also just are lacking psychics in general. This means that you’re…

Can’s Psychic Readings Even Think to Work For You? We Say No

When it comes to, we can at least say that this site has a nice, clean layout. That is, unfortunately, about where it ends, and it doesn’t seem to care about improving. That sucks. This site is clean and bright and mostly pretty easy to use, but it does have some confusing navigation to go along with it. This isn’t exactly going to be appealing to you. The illusion falls apart when you actually start to look at the psychics that are online, however…or the psychics that aren’t online, more like. The site is pretty empty. A sparse site without a lot of psychic readers isn’t going to be up your alley, and it’s mostly going to end up frustrating you to the nth degree when you want some advice. The Numbers Weren’t What We Wanted As a part of our thorough 7thSensePsychics rating, we were able to really dig into this site and thoroughly research it. We weren’t all that happy with what we found. It’s not good enough. Most of this site’s issues start to come from their inability to properly screen their psychics. It’s not much of a process, so the rating we gave was only a 4 out of 10 overall. With this particular site,…

Can’s Psychic Readings Hit the Nail on the Head? Nah

We’re sure that was very, very interesting back in 2001, but nowadays, this site’s message is coming off as very dated and not at all pleasant to use. It’s a mess. This site has a ton of random images flashing around, a lot of confusing navigation, and it’s honestly just a cluster of a template that’s been heavily modified. It’s not at all appealing, and it’s mostly the kind of site that you’re going to want to throw into the garbage the second that you see it. Also, on top of all of this, it’s pretty empty. All of this in combination with one another makes for a very unappealing psychic reading site, and that’s why we’re not sure why anyone would want to stick around on here. The Numbers Don’t Work During the full expanse of our SpiritualWorld2012 rating, we were able to thoroughly sink our teeth into this site–which unfortunately, didn’t make it a better review. It’s just disappointing. This site’s first problems come from their poor and inadequate screening processes. Just about anyone can join, and that’s why we could only hand out a 4 out of 10 rating. Their psychic availability is also very low, and that’s why our final rating was only a 4…

Can’s Psychic Readings Do the Bare Minimum? is another odd little reading site that highly resembles a dating site more than anything else. This is jarring, and not exactly the sort of thing we want to see. It’s just weird. Whatever template this particular site is running off of, we’re very certain that it’s not going to end up giving you the sort of environment that you want. It’s just confusing. You’ll have a hard time even finding where their available psychics are, let alone any part of the sign-up process. We can’t find this site to be appealing to any users. You’ll also find that it’s usually fairly sparse and empty. This isn’t at all intriguing, and it’s mostly going to end up being a waste of time. This site is a ghost town online. The Numbers Just Don’t Work As a part of our PsychicPower rating, we found ourselves really struggling to dig through this site and find some positives about it. There isn’t much going on here at all. We didn’t have a good time. The first and main problem with this site is their screening process–of which there is next to none. This is why our rating could only end up being a 3.5 out of 10. Their issues with keeping available…


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