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When a site revolves around a single reader, everything had better be top-notch to make up for the lack of convenience. Unfortunately, that's absolutely not the case here. It's just a waste of time. is an unfortunately cheap looking psychic reading site, and it’s not exactly trying to change that image. This was clearly thrown up in about five minutes.

It’s not good.

A reading site’s layout is the first impression that you’re going to get, and this site for the psychic-apparent Tara isn’t going to end up impressing any newbies anytime soon.

SCAM ALERT psychic reading pic

Because of this, you’ll find yourself scratching your head and wondering what the point of this whole site is. It’s pretty empty except for her, which is going to impact usability.

They also just don’t put a ton of information about the abilities this psychic has online, which is going to end up contributing to a lot of wasted time if you want specialty readings.

The Numbers Are Meh

As a part of our Tara-Medium rating, we were able to dig in deep with this particular site, and find out what made it tick. Unfortunately, there’s not much around here.

It’s not great.

The first problem that you’re going to end up running into here is the fact that it’s just a very basic screening process. They don’t really seem to care who works here, so that rating is only a 2.5 out of 10.

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Find the real psychic reading sites that you’ve been searching for in our complete site rankings.

The other problem you’ll find is in the lack of available psychics. This is a big problem, because if you want a reading on a reliable basis, it probably won’t happen. Our rating was a 2 out of 10.

Finally, the customer service is just not up to par. You really have to hassle them in order to get a response, and so our final score in that regard was only a 3 out of 10.

Features That Aren’t Good

When building our Tara-Medium guide, we were really not that impressed by the site as a whole. There’s just not much to be seen here, and there’s not much that can help you.

Forget this one.

Digging through this site isn’t going to end up offering very much in the way of reliable specialists…or even reliable generalists. This site doesn’t explain itself well.

This means that if you’re looking for a consistent flow of great readings, it’s probably not going to happen here. They don’t seem to have the staff to support that.

This makes for a disappointing site for most people, especially if it’s a newbie looking to build up a weekly reading schedule, and really help themselves out in life.

It won’t happen.

While this site also really tries to push itself out there and appear to be full of great professionals, that’s simply not the case. They’ll hire just about anyone to work here.

This means that the accuracy rating of this site is going to suffer no matter what, and that’s why we could only realistically hand out a 3 out of 10 score for accuracy.

This site might have a money back guarantee–but it’s not something that you can count on. Trying to get in touch with customer service is such a chore that we don’t know how likely that refund is.

The News Isn’t Good

Their online store is something that you can really avoid:

This particular site’s testimonials are mostly just a lot of questions:

Knowing more about the main psychic here isn’t going to help: For Psychic Readings, It’s Not Great

The more that you try to make a site like work, the less it’s going to really work for you. That’s why you’ll end up much better off just leaving it alone.

It’s not good.

A site like this one isn’t going to end up doing you any favors, and that’s because there’s no real psychics floating around on here at a consistent rate. You can’t count on it.

Sites like this are mostly going to end up draining you dry and frustrating you. We’ve proven that through our own experience, and that doesn’t seem to be changing.

You really need a site that’s staffed more fully with both customer service and with real, bonafide psychic professionals. This site doesn’t seem to have either of those.

Forget about it.

This is a site that’s only going to end up driving you mad, and that’s something that we’ve proven as time has gone on. You don’t want to end up wasting your time.

If you want to find reliable psychics, it’s probably not going to be here, and they don’t seem to be focusing on changing any of their recruitment tactics in the near future.

Don’t settle for a site that’s only going to frustrate you. Move on, and go for a psychic reading site that really cares about you as a person. It’s going to make a difference.

Go for the top.

Our number one reading site is, and it’s proven itself to be at the top of the top. You’ll really be able to find your way there, and that’s something we proved.

With a top reading site, you’re going to end up meeting a number of reliable psychic readers that can end up giving you reliable information and counseling on a consistent basis.

That’s what you need in your life, and we know that. Don’t wait around for a site that’s only going to disappoint you. For your own benefit, go for the best ones first.


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