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It's simply too outdated to be able to provide any measure of real service. The layout is next to unusable, and even if it wasn't, there just aren't any psychics available. Can you blame them for not sticking around?

We’re sure that was very, very interesting back in 2001, but nowadays, this site’s message is coming off as very dated and not at all pleasant to use.

It’s a mess.

This site has a ton of random images flashing around, a lot of confusing navigation, and it’s honestly just a cluster of a template that’s been heavily modified.

SCAM ALERT psychic reading pic

It’s not at all appealing, and it’s mostly the kind of site that you’re going to want to throw into the garbage the second that you see it. Also, on top of all of this, it’s pretty empty.

All of this in combination with one another makes for a very unappealing psychic reading site, and that’s why we’re not sure why anyone would want to stick around on here.

The Numbers Don’t Work

During the full expanse of our SpiritualWorld2012 rating, we were able to thoroughly sink our teeth into this site–which unfortunately, didn’t make it a better review.

It’s just disappointing.

This site’s first problems come from their poor and inadequate screening processes. Just about anyone can join, and that’s why we could only hand out a 4 out of 10 rating.

imgcap SpiritualWorld2012 overlay

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Their psychic availability is also very low, and that’s why our final rating was only a 4 out of 10 on that as well. They simply don’t have the numbers to really support traffic.

Their customer service really doesn’t want to hear any of these kinds of complaints. Keep this in mind, and know that’s why our rating was only a 4 out of 10.

Features That Skip the Minimum

As you start to hunt through this site for more features, you’re going to find yourself out of luck. We certainly were in the process of building our SpiritualWorld2012 guide.

There’s not much.

This site claims to have such interesting features as curse removal and tarot reading, and honestly, we just had to laugh. What website can remove curses from you?

With all of this in mind, you’re going to end up shaking your head at the general misinformation that this site is spreading around. They aren’t really interested in the real psychic reading community.

This is why they tend to only higher amateurs…or whoever else they can end up actually dragging onto the site. It’s not at all something that you should be drawn to.

It’s no good.

This site’s accuracy really takes a hit because of all of this, especially because they do often have automated readings present on the site as well. That’s not a good sign.

The final accuracy rating that we were able to hand to this site was only a 4 out of 10 overall, which means that you’re going to really start to see some issues with their psychics.

Unsurprisingly, they also just don’t have a money back guarantee. This is going to really end up giving your confidence a hit if you want to actually trust in a site like this.

The News We Don’t Want

Trying to contact this particular site isn’t going to work out:

If you want to learn more about this site, you’re just out of luck:

The services that are offered here are more of a joke: For Psychic Readings, It’s Really Not Up to Par

Trying to handle a site like is going to only give you a headache, and that’s why you’ll be much better off skipping out and moving onto something else.

It’s not enough.

This site really doesn’t have the numbers or the dedication to give you the kind of psychic readings that you’ve been looking for all along, and we’re sure of that one.

We’ve proven that it doesn’t tend to recruit anyone but amateurs, and it mostly is spewing a lot of nonsense about the psychic realm that it understands nothing about.

With all of this in combination, you’re going to really struggle to get accurate readings out of a site like this one. They simply don’t have the professionals you deserve.

It’s not worth it.

A great reading site is going to actually take care of you, and this one doesn’t seem to have a lot of concern with that. Instead, it’s mostly going to nickel and dime you to death.

The lack of professional psychics on this particular site says it all. They are way less concerned with quality, and they don’t even seem that concerned with quantity.

It’s unfortunate, but this is the kind of site that you’ll need to avoid. Skip it, and you’ll definitely end up with much better results in the long run; we’re sure of that one.

You can do better.

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If you want reliable psychic readers available at just about any time, then you need to check out our number one site. It’s ideal for all walks of life and all paths in the spiritual realm.

No matter the kind of reading that you’re looking for, you should be able to find it on our top site. We love it, and we’re sure that it’ll be able to work well for you as well.


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