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It's painfully dated, from its clumsy, clunky layout to its old-news articles and community. That means that no real professionals are going to stick around here long - it just doesn't have the push to improve. is a supposedly full-service psychic reading site, but unfortunately, it suffers from an absolutely awful layout, and not a lot of push to fix that.

It’s very ugly.

This site is very poorly designed. It’s the typical black background, tiny light text problem, which makes it very hard to read and use on a daily basis for most users.

SCAM ALERT psychic reading pic

This isn’t something that’s going to change, either. This is a layout that they’ve had around for years, and with lots of scrolling text and images, this isn’t something that gets better.

Because of this very outdated layout, you’re going to find yourself struggling to actually find any reliable psychics that stick around for a long time period. It’s just not appealing for customers.

The Numbers Weren’t Reliable

As a part of our PsychicInteractive rating, we were able to really, extensively dig into this site, and that’s not something that you’re going to want to really do on a regular basis.

Trust us on that.

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Want real, reliable psychic reading sites ? We tested these giants to see which ones reign supreme.

The more time that you spend with this site, the more you’re going to realize that their actual recruitment process is very lax. They don’t do much screening, so their score was only a 5.5 out of 10 overall.

This site also just lacks in numbers. They don’t have very many options in the way of specialists or generalists, and they don’t tend to have psychics that stick around, so our rating was only a 5 out of 10.

Their customer service is also not what you need, either. In general, they take days to reply to messages, which is something that we really don’t find appealing, and rated it a 5 out of 10.

Features That Made Our Stay a Miss

This is a site with minimal features, to say the least, and it’s not exactly something that you’re going to want to spend a lot of time poking around on. We didn’t for our PsychicInteractive guide.

It’s dated.

Probably the main issue that you’re going to end up seeing with this particular site is that it’s extremely dated. You’re going to have a hard time even finding any recently updated articles.

This is going to lead to a lot of confusion amongst newbies, as they’ll end up seeing conflicting, outdated information about the psychic world on this particular site.

This is also going to lead to a lot of amateur psychics on the site rather than real professionals that wouldn’t stand to put up with this sort of information being passed around.

That’s not good.

This particular site’s accuracy rating tends to suffer because of this, and that’s why we could only end up offering a 5 out of 10 on our accuracy rating scale overall.

This site might have a money back guarantee to help cushion some of this, but it’s not exactly one that’s easily enforced. They are hard to get in touch with regarding that.

With all of this combined, this is a site that just doesn’t have very much to offer you. It’s difficult for you to end up content with a site that doesn’t really follow the basics.

The News Isn’t What You Want to See

Their contact page is really not good enough, and should worry you:

With their frequently asked questions, you won’t get anywhere:

Their screening process is really not impressive in the slightest: For Psychic Readings, It’s Just Not Enough

We were really not impressed with, and we can’t imagine that you’ll ever be. This site just doesn’t have the numbers or accuracy to make you feel at home.

You won’t like it.

With the dated layout that makes you get headaches and the serious lack of real psychics floating around on here, this is a site that’s not going to do you a ton of favors.

If you want consistent, reliable reading, you’re going to need to go elsewhere. This site just doesn’t have the kind of recruitment policies that will be able to support that.

Keep this in mind, and really focus on making sure that you’re getting the real deal out of a site like this one. You’ll have to do your own personal psychic screening.

You shouldn’t have to.

With any reliable, solid psychic reading site, you won’t have to end up doing this level of research on your own. Unfortunately, this is a site that’s not going to help you out.

Instead of wasting your time here, you need to go for a site that actually has a solid screening process instead. It’s not anything close to a priority with this particular site.

A lot of this comes down to the lack of staff, but that’s honestly no excuse. At the end of the day, they should be focusing on giving you the best service that you can find.

Go for the top.

Instead of wasting your time on a site like this, you should be checking out our number one psychic reading site online, and that’s We’ve proven it works.

With great, reliable professionals and awesome reading techniques, you’ll have the full gambit in one place to help you with all of your spiritual counseling needs online.

It’s really worth it, and you’ll definitely enjoy it. If you need help finding your path, you’ll be able to do it on an excellent site like this one for sure. It’s our number one for a reason.


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