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The generic, boring layout doesn't exactly scream "psychic reading site", and it just gets worse from there. Customer support doesn't exist, and the psychics on staff are inexperienced amateurs to a one.

It’s unfortunate, but really doesn’t pull itself into the neat package of a psychic reading site that it really should. In fact, it looks like a generic dating site…maybe.

It’s just boring.

A generic, template layout isn’t any way to actually draw in customers and make them think about sticking around to use your services–and it’s not going to work for professional psychics, either.

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This contributes to the lack of care that’s put into this site, and the lack of effort. For customers, this is a site that’s going to really end up lagging behind in the latest and greatest features.

For example, if you’re looking for a lot of specialists, you’re not going to be able to find them. This is a site that’s simply lacking in the basics that other psychic sites have.

The Numbers Are Eh

As a part of our PsychicElements rating, we were able to thoroughly survey this site, and unfortunately, we didn’t really come away with much that we could be happy with.

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Legit psychic reading sites are out there, and they’re waiting for you in our site rankings.

It’s just not good.

This particular site’s main issue comes from their lack of recruiting, and their lack of actual screening. This is why we could only score this site a sad 2 out of 10 on our scale.

This site’s lack of psychics is also an issue. We could only end up rating this site a 2 out of 10 courtesy of the lack of availability, which really says a lot about the lack of care.

With this site, you’ll also find that they are very slow about responding to any messages that you send to customer service. Obviously, you deserve more, and so our rating was only a 2 out of 10.

Features That Don’t Work Out

Our PsychicElements guide was already suffering courtesy of our poor review ratings, and that didn’t end up getting any better as we hunted through the site for better features.

There’s not much.

With this site, we found it extremely difficult to actually find anything that was new, interesting, or generally informative even for newbies. It’s just a barren site overall.

They like to make what we call a clip show of information–basically, a ton of stubby articles that aren’t exactly telling you anything about the way that psychics work.

This is disappointing and annoying, and it’s not going to end up contributing to the world of psychic readings online. Mostly, it’s just a site that you can skip in general.

The readers aren’t better.

This particular site doesn’t really work hard to recruit any professional psychics. They’ve done brief advertising stints, which only leads them to pick up a ton of amateurs.

This is why this site suffers in the accuracy department tenfold. We could only end up rating this site a sad 2.5 out of 10 for accuracy, and it isn’t getting any better.

They have a ton of automated readings here as well, and that only contributes to the issue. This means that overall, you’re not going to get anything beyond something vague.

Lacking News

This particular site’s blog isn’t going to help you out:

This site’s Twitter definitely needs more updating:

This particular Facebook is really not helpful: For Psychic Readings, It’s a Miss

As our study went on, we found ourselves more and more disappointed with this site. There’s nothing good about it, and that doesn’t seem to be changing.

Just forget it.

A site like this one is only going to end up making you want to pull your hair out, and we’ve proven that. They have a serious lack of real, professional psychics on board.

This means that you’re going to end up dealing with a bunch of amateurs more often than not, and it’s not going to even be in higher numbers. There’s nothing here to help you.

You’ll find yourself consistently dealing with unreliable readers, and a whole lot of automated readings that aren’t going to tell you anything but a lot of vague information.

You deserve more.

Dealing with a site like this one is only going to end up shaking your resolve with the spiritual realm, and that’s obviously not something that you want to waste time with.

You need a site that’s going to actually have reliable readers…and reliable customer service to boot. This site, unfortunately, doesn’t have any of that going on.

With a lack of even a money back guarantee, there’s not much you can do here that can be trusted. Skip out on this site, and move onto something that honestly works.

You can do it.

Our number one site is, and when it comes to reliable, solid psychic readings, you can’t find another site that will outdo it. It’s absolutely the best.

You deserve to be able to sit back and relax with a reliable reader, and you deserve to be able to have that kind of insight into your life. You need to get what you’re paying for.

Trust in our advice and go to the top site out there. You’ll definitely see a difference, and you’ll really be able to grow and change in the way that you were meant to.


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