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The layout is not only difficult to navigate, but isn't easy on the eyes, either. Coupled with a severe lack of available, reliable psychics, and you've got a site that's painful on every count. doesn’t exactly make a solid first impression. In fact, this is a site that looks incredibly dated, and looks more like a Las Vegas night show than anything else.

That’s not appealing.

For any newbie starting out, this is a site that’s probably not going to end up appealing very far. This site looks messy and sloppy, and it also looks rather cheesy.

SCAM ALERT psychic reading pic

If you want a site that’s going to end up convincing you of authenticity, it’s not going to be this one. We’re sure that they’ve got some real psychics, but it’s hard to tell at first glance.

This is undoubtedly contributing to the downfall of this site, and it makes it very difficult to sell the concept that this site is a great place to work or use. It’s just not attractive.

The Numbers Weren’t Anything Great

As a part of our MeetYourPsychic rating, we were able to really sink our teeth into this site, and see for ourselves that it simply wasn’t up to the standard that we were hoping for.

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It’s not good.

With a site like this one, we would have liked to see a much more extensive screening process. There just isn’t much of one, thus leading to our score of only 6 out of 10.

The number of psychics that they have on staff has also suffered, and that’s why our final score of 6 out of 10 on psychic availability is there to stay until future notice.

The customer service isn’t up to par, either. They really need to work on their turnaround time, because for now, we can only end up rating this site a 6 out of 10.

Features That You Can Skip

There’s not a lot going on with this particular site, which unfortunately, makes our MeetYourPsychic guide somewhat dull. This site just is fairly empty and bland, beyond the bad layout.

Nothing stands out.

When you’re looking for a reliable psychic, you need to at least see some emphasis on recruiting specialists. There’s not a lot of push for that on this particular site.

This ultimately leads to the site having a very bland, boring selection, and that means that you’re going to end up seeing a loss of accuracy. That’s why our score was only a 5 out of 10.

They do have a money back guarantee, but it’s not exactly something that they push to honor on a regular basis. It’s hard to get in touch with their customer service team.

There’s no information.

This site also just doesn’t even try to educate the masses, so to speak. They almost seem to not want you informed about the world of psychics to keep you in the dark.

This is probably courtesy of their own poor service. They don’t want a lot of articles on their site that debunks their own psychics, or makes it seem like they aren’t giving you what you need.

Obviously, this isn’t a great environment to be a part of. You’re going to quickly find yourself dragged down by it, and that’s not something that’s overly appealing.

The News Just Plain Bores

With this Facebook, you aren’t going to go very far at all:

This is a Twitter that just doesn’t update often enough for you:

A Tumblr like this one just can’t give you the help that you want: For Psychic Readings, It’s No Good

We were really not that pleased by, and we can’t imagine that anyone else out there would be. This is a site that doesn’t do a great job of hitting the mark.

It’s not enough.

With a site like this one, you’re going to have to set your standards fairly low. They just don’t tend to hand out a lot of great psychics, and they usually have low numbers.

With all of this coming together, it makes for a difficult to use site that’s very dated and not at all convincing in their techniques. They don’t have many different specialties to offer.

This means that you’re going to end up paying premium prices for not very much, and you can do much better than that. It’s just complicated to imagine spending a ton of cash here.

It’s not worth it.

This is a site that’s especially a bummer for someone that’s looking for solid, reliable psychic reader that can end up scheduling meetings sometimes as often as daily.

This site won’t end up giving you that opportunity. They aren’t well-stocked with psychics enough to provide that kind of care, and this is something that will drag you down.

Wasting your time on something and not getting what you want is something that shouldn’t consistently happen in the psychic reading world. Keep this in mind, and avoid this site.

You can do better.

Our number one site is, and it’s proven itself time and time again that it’s the top of the top. You don’t need to beat around the bush with other sites.

This is the site that’s full of reliable readers of all walks, and they’re all professionals. You can actually trust in them to give you what you’re looking for online.

You don’t have to wait around any longer. You’ll find a reader on this site that can help you to your path, and they can help you every single step of the way with their guidance.


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