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Professionalism is taken very seriously here, and this site makes every effort to screen their prospective psychics. That means you'll really be getting the cream of the crop regarding service and insight. sports a new, clean layout that is really going to be appealing to the newer crowd of users that’s coming out and about into the psychic world.

That’s the first clue that it’s great.

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A site that really values the way that it looks is the first step to making sure that it’s a solid, reliable site. This is one of those, and it extends into that further with a great screening process.

They extensively interview their psychics, and don’t just allow someone to sign up and begin working. They also train them in customer service before talking to you.

This means that you’re going to already have a very professional experience here, and it’s going to end up making you relax as a client whenever you’re chatting here.

Awesome Numbers

As a part of our CaliforniaPsychics rating, we were able to really sink our teeth into this site, and find out what made it tick. Fortunately, it was only a number of good things.

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For real psychic service and support, this site simply can’t be beat, especially for those prices. Give them a try now on CaliforniaPsychics

This site is excellent.

We were first impressed by their psychic screening process, which is extremely thorough. You can’t just sign up and start working here, so our score was a 9 out of 10.

The number of available psychics that they have on the site is fairly consistent as well, and we were never without a reader. Our rating for that was a 8.5 out of 10 overall.

Customer service was also on point, and they are usually quite easy to get in touch with. This is why we could end up handing out a 8 out of 10 rating for this site.

The Essential Sessions

Question #1: “I was really curious if you were able to get a reading on my dog. He’s been unusually cranky lately, and it’s been very worrisome to me. Could something be wrong?”

Answer #1: “With animals, there usually is some kind of an underlying cause. If it isn’t health, then he might be feeling some bad energy from you. Have you had anything uprooted in your life lately?”

Question #2: “I’ve been feeling a lot of tension in my back and shoulders lately from stress, but I think it might be a spiritual stress as my mother recently died in my house.”

Answer #2: “There’s always a chance that she might be lingering and causing those kinds of pain, and you’re going to have to learn how to let go. Let’s discuss your options.”

Features That You Want

There’s a lot to love about this site, and during our CaliforniaPsychics guide, we were able to extensively dig into what makes it work so well. They have a ton of options for you.

That rocks.

It’s important for a psychic reading to have a number of different specialists and styles on staff with their psychics, and fortunately, this site does have that in great numbers.

This is how we were able to give this site an 8 out of 10 accuracy rating overall. If one technique isn’t jiving for you, you can always move from tarot to other aspects of readings.

This site also has a solid library of advice and articles, giving you the chance to read through and thoroughly educate yourself in the world of psychic readings in general.

A Few Fixes

With most psychic reading sites, there are going to be a few little flaws that can end up bringing the site down. Fortunately, with this one, there aren’t all that many to deal with.

Sometimes, it’s a bit barren.

This site definitely does have its off hours, and you’re going to become pretty well-acquainted with them. This is attributed to most of the psychics being on the same time zone.

They should work at recruiting psychics from other places, and that will end up making this site much more active during some of the deader hours of the night here.

With that in mind, you can still usually schedule readings and have their readers meet you on the site. Just make sure that you do so well in advance so that they can plan.

Great New News

Their support team is top notch, whenever you need it to be:” target=”_blank”>

With a Facebook like this one, you’ll really be able to go far: CaliforniaPsychics” target=”_blank”>

Their Twitter is dedicated to making sure you stay updated:

Find Clarity on Some Awesome Psychic Reading is a very solid reading site that’s going to give you a lot of options to browse through. You’ll be able to find psychics of all walks and specialties here.

That’s a huge plus.

Being able to browse thoroughly and find a site that can extensively help you with different kinds of readings is something that everyone should be able to have under their belt.

This site does it with ease, and with a money back guarantee in place, you’ll really be able to relax and wipe the sweat from your brow regarding the kind of service you’ll receive.

This isn’t the only site that can do that, however. Our number one site is, and it’s proven itself to be the best of the best. Give it a shot as well.

Both of these sites can offer up different kinds of readings to help you guide your life right. Try them out.


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