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It gleefully and eagerly perpetuates a lot of myths and misinformation about the psychic world, all to squeeze more money out of newbies. That's just not considerate, and is a shame to the practice. is apparently all about connecting people and their chakra, which is a whole lot of nonsense that’s not going to make much sense to newbies.

It doesn’t make sense to us, either.

The allure of this pastel and purple site is that it’s really ‘spiritual’ sounding, if nothing else, and that means that it’s just a whole lot of mumbo jumbo pasted over and over.

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This doesn’t exactly make for a good psychic reading site, that’s for sure, and it mostly just makes for something confusing that most professionals don’t want to bother with.

This is definitely what we’ve realized as we’ve used this site in the past, and it’s not something that you’re going to end up changing. They just don’t care about their customers.

The Numbers Aren’t Good

As a part of our AngelMessenger rating, we were able to thoroughly dig into this site, and see for ourselves that it simply wasn’t what it claimed to be. It’s just not good.

It’s very sparse.

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Wondering where you can find the best psychic reading sites ? Our site-by-site rankings can help.

The main issue with this site is that they will literally hire anyone. Their selection process is really, really thin and not good, so our rating could only end up being a 3 out of 10.

They also don’t have a ton of psychics. They don’t want to pay a very solid cut, so that means that we could only end up rating this site a 3 out of 10 for available psychics.

With all of this at hand, it’s no surprise that customer service is just not what it should be, either. This site’s final customer service score from us was only a 3 out of 10.

Features That Just Didn’t Deliver

As we extensively reviewed this site to build our AngelMessenger guide, we found ourselves constantly limited and really put off by the lack of content on this site.

They explain nothing.

We get the general concept of this site–it’s all about connecting with the other side and the angels, which is really just a joke in and of itself. It’s not exactly accurate.

This means that you’re going to get a lot of psychics that are amateurs, attempting to really reach the dead and give you some insight, but it’ll be highly inaccurate.

You’re paying for a bunch of people that claim to be specialists, when they’re really just generalists that are learning and honing their craft incorrectly. That’s not good.

You can do better.

Because of all of these issues, you’re going to quickly see that most of the readings that you’re receiving are highly inaccurate, and really not up to our standards.

Because of this, we could only end up rating this site a 3 out of 10 on our accuracy scale. They simply don’t focus enough on the actual professionalism in the field.

They also don’t seem to have any sort of a money back guarantee, which ultimately makes this site a hot mess for everyone involved, and not at all pleasant to deal with.

The News Isn’t For You

Attempting to contact anyone on this site isn’t going to end well for you:

This particular blog is just a laughing stock for most of us:

Their frequently asked questions aren’t exactly helpful: For Psychic Readings, It’s Not Good

We were really not happy with It has a flawed concept, and it’s perpetuating a number of myths that we personally try to erase from the psychic field.

It’s just not good.

This site has a gimmick, and it’s not really a good one. In fact, this is a site that’s a total waste of time, and not one that’s going to ever hand out any real, accurate readings.

We find that really stressful, and we can only imagine that you will, too. This isn’t a site that you’re going to end up finding any real professionals on as a general rule.

Because of this, you’ll be much happier taking your business elsewhere. There’s not much room for improvement here, because this site already is based off of a very bad concept.

It won’t get better.

Because the customer service is also so poor here, it’s highly unlikely that any of your complaints are going to end up turning the site around and giving you a boost.

This is the kind of site that’s mostly going to end up giving you a headache. You’ll only end up dealing with amateurs that are very convinced of their abilities, and not much else.

Skip it, and move onto a site that’s actually going to give you what you’re paying for. You’ll see a real difference, and you’re definitely going to be happy by the time you’re done.

It’s worth it.

With our number one site, you’ll definitely be able to find a psychic reader that you can actually trust. That site is, and it can definitely get the job done.

Don’t miss out on our top site. You deserve to be able to find someone reliable and professional that can help be your spiritual counselor every single step of the way.

With our top site, we know that’s going to be possible. It’s only a matter of time before you’re able to sink your teeth into that and end up really getting everything that you want out of it.


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