Your Psychic Cheat Sheet: The Importance of Keeping a Tarot Diary

For a beginner, learning how to use and divine meanings from psychic tools can be very difficult. Depending on what tools you use, there are easy ways to get familiar with the methods of divination, as well as any meanings that arise from them. One of the most popular psychic tools is the Tarot and it’s also one that many people choose to begin their psychic learning with. If you’re about to start using a tarot deck, you’re likely going to find that the sheer amount of cards, along with the meanings attached to them, can be overwhelming from a learning standpoint. Fortunately, you don’t have to commit everything to memory right away. Part of learning the Tarot is becoming familiar with each and every card, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to keep a tarot diary. Once you’ve started keeping a diary, you can easily use it for quick reference should you need while doing a reading. Your Connection One of the first things you should use your tarot diary for is to go through all the cards in both the Major and Minor Arcana and write down how you personally relate to what they represent. For example, instead of viewing Death as an ominous…

Why Your Tarot Reader Needs to Keep a Professional Distance

Sometimes your tarot reader can seem a lot like a cross between a therapist and a best friend. They’re your first call when something goes wrong in your life, the first person you send a message to when a reading turned out to be accurate, and the person you tell all your little dark secrets to, confident in their ability to keep it all tightly under wraps. Unfortunately this can lead to some misconceptions on the side of the client, which can quickly lead to hurt feelings or disappointment. As much as they may like you, a professional tarot reader needs to keep an equally professional distance from you, and for good reason. The Accuracy of Your Readings The reason a lot of readers don’t recommend that their clients do their own readings is because it can lead to a heavy bias. For example, you want to know if the girl you really like feels the same way about you. You’d like to ask her out, but you want to see if you have a shot at it before you step up to the plate. Obviously in this scenario you’re hoping for a favorable outcome: that your cards will tell you that the girl likes you back. And unfortunately, since…

Why Your Reader Shouldn’t Use the Gay Tarot, Especially If You’re LGBT

If you’re an old hat in the world of tarot reading, you know that there are dozens and dozens of decks out there that your reader could use when you go in for a session. Often they choose decks based on who their querant even more than the question being asked. If you’re a Christian, they may choose a deck based on an Angelic theme. If you’re more traditional you may get a spread based on the Rider-Waite themed decks. And if you’re a member of the LGBT community, your reader may be tempted to use the Gay Tarot deck for your readings thinking that it may be more attuned to you. That assumption is wrong, and no good reader should ever be caught so much as owning this deck for any other reason than novelty. What Is LGBT? LGBT has become the acronym to replace what was commonly referred to as a homosexual or gay person. It encompasses a much broader category of people and includes a similarly broader community. A transgendered person may not be homosexual, after all, and would be left out of the community if either term was used. A bisexual person would as well, and as the term gay is almost universally applied to men…

Why You Should Consider Getting Crystals to Enhance Your Tarot Deck

The Tarot alone is a powerful psychic tool, which is why it’s one of the most popular methods of divining answers and future possibilities. However, it’s not unheard of for psychics to enhance their tarot decks using other tools. Some people choose to store their cards in wooden boxes marked with runes and symbols of power. Others choose to bury their cards in the earth after every use in order to ensure that they are imbued and cleansed by the power of nature. One of the most common methods of enhancing a tarot deck is through the use of crystals. This isn’t to say that you can just throw any kind of crystal in with your deck to augment it. You’ll need to use specific types of crystals depending on what you’re hoping to achieve. This can be confusing to someone not familiar with the power of crystals, but it’s easy enough to learn. Size Does Matter In some cases, the size of the crystal matters. This is particularly the case with cleansing crystals. The best kind of cleansing crystal is quartz, and many people therefore own large quartz clusters that they place throughout their home or place of work in order to keep the negative energy to a minimum.…

Why Online Readings Are Better Than in Person Readings

Tarot readings have been around for thousands of years, and are not at all a new idea to anyone. People have always flocked to new age shops in hopes of getting a reading and some good guidance. When the technological age started to boom, suddenly a whole new market opened up, as people were able to get tarot readings from the comfort of their own home. Since then, a new debate has sparked over which kind of reading was best: one that one conducted in person, or one that was held online. Both debates have valid reasoning behind them, but it seems more often than not people are choosing online readers as their preferred method of getting advice. Here are some of the main reasons clients often prefer an online reading. There’s Little to No Chance of Simply Getting a Cold Reading Skeptics often accuse psychics of being nothing more than cold readers. A cold reading is where a fake psychic will look over a person and attempt to read any signals the client unknowingly gives off in order to make high-probability guesses and pass it off as a genuine reading. When it comes to getting a good tarot reading, there is no chance of this happening. The cards alone…

Why a Good Tarot Reading Usually Won’t Be Free

They say in life that nothing good comes for free, and most of the time that saying is true. Finding a good and accurate tarot reader can sometimes be a tricky and, if it’s taking a while to find the right one, expensive journey. While it’s true that a good psychic or tarot reader shouldn’t cost the client an arm and a leg just to get a decent reading, here are a few reasons why paying for a good tarot reader is usually better than going with a free option. Readers Who Charge Are More Likely to Be Experienced If someone is good at what they do, they probably won’t do it for free. If no one with a talent wanted to charge for services, all paintings, music albums and psychic readings would be free. But, unfortunately for the clients, they aren’t. While it’s entirely possible that a reader with little to no experience can charge for their services, most of the time if a reader is charging a decent and fair price, it’s because they are good at what they do and have plenty of experience under their belt. While free psychics and readers aren’t a bad thing, a client might find themselves in a situation where they aren’t…

What You Need to Know When Shopping for Your Tarot Deck

Buying tools used for psychic divination isn’t quite like shopping for clothes or for a car. You’ll be using these tools to discover very personal things about yourself, which means you’re going to want to select items that appeal to you both in an aesthetic and emotional way. A good example of this is the tarot deck. Contrary to what people who aren’t familiar with all things psychic may think, you can’t just pick up any deck of tarot cards and immediately experience success with the readings you get from it. It’s important to understand many of the myths and superstitions that surrounding the Tarot before you start shopping. Once you do, you may have a greater appreciation for its history and more importantly, how important a tool it could become to you. Consider Receiving One for a Gift There’s a very old superstition out there that relates to just how one obtains a tarot deck. It states that by purchasing a tarot deck for yourself, you’re rendering whatever reading powers it has null and void. In order to be able to access the powers of the Tarot, you must receive a deck as a gift from someone else. Of course, there’s no way to prove that this superstition is…

Using Tarot Reading to Help Cope With Hard Times

Occasionally, life throws curve balls that are simply unavoidable. This can mean being laid off or losing the beloved family dog. These are both situations you don’t have to go through alone and that can be helped by consulting and talking to a psychic about. Use a psychic to help you understand the trying times or sad situations you find yourself in. Losing a Job Loss of income can be an extremely devastating time in someone’s life. Along with coping with a direct blow to their self-esteem, they also may be facing the monetary struggles that come along with being out of work. Where will they get their next meal from? How will they provide for their family? Will they have a house to come home to next month? These are all valid questions and ones that a psychic may have some insight on. Go for cheap or free psychics if your income is severely limited. Ask questions about work and possible job opportunities. Instead of finding a sense of complacency with positive answers, take them as signs of hope. Breaking Up Breakups can be something that a person who used to be in a relationship takes very hard. If they thought the relationship was going great, it can sometimes…

Using a Tarot Card Reading for Baby News and Predictions

Superstition is common among those who have had children. Many mothers talk about certain signs and symbols indicating that a child is a boy or a girl or what color their hair will be. Tarot card readers can give services to those in every stage of expecting in order to guide them along the way to and during a pregnancy. Before You’re Expecting Those who plan on having a baby often go to great lengths in order to ensure the conception is confirmed and stays. Many couples who are having trouble conceiving or who would like to have a baby go to psychics to ask their opinion on their energy and the possibility of having a child. Couples who want to have children can ask questions to their psychics, if their efforts will be rewards, and how long it may take before they see a baby actually come to full term. During the Pregnancy Expectant mothers are always concerned about how their baby is doing while it’s growing inside of them. Doctors can give concrete answers, but a doctor can’t predict the future in a lot of cases. A mother has the ability to go to a psychic and ask questions about the baby that can be answered via tarot…

Three Ways to Augment Your Tarot Readings

While the Tarot is a powerful psychic tool on its own, there are ways to augment the power it has. While these methods aren’t necessarily going to work for everyone, they are methods that have been used throughout the centuries by psychics looking to increase the accuracy of their tarot decks. As with the Tarot itself, these methods of augmentation likely won’t work unless the practitioner is a true believer in all things psychic. If you’re a frequent and dedicated user of the Tarot and you’d like to try to augment your deck, these ancient methods may be worth experimenting with in order to see if they’ll work for you. Crystals You’re likely already aware that crystals have very strong mystic properties. They are used mainly for cleansing, but many people choose to use them as amplifiers, as well. It’s for this latter purpose that you may want to consider obtaining some. Many people believe that storing their tarot cards with crystals serves not only to cleanse the cards, but to augment their energy as well. As far as storing with crystals goes, most people choose to use quartz because of its cleansing properties. Some people choose to use crystals during a reading, usually by positioning them at key points…


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