Your Psychic Cheat Sheet: The Importance of Keeping a Tarot Diary

"You should keep a tarot diary in order to learn tarot reading"

“You should keep a tarot diary in order to learn tarot reading”

For a beginner, learning how to use and divine meanings from psychic tools can be very difficult. Depending on what tools you use, there are easy ways to get familiar with the methods of divination, as well as any meanings that arise from them. One of the most popular psychic tools is the Tarot and it’s also one that many people choose to begin their psychic learning with. If you’re about to start using a tarot deck, you’re likely going to find that the sheer amount of cards, along with the meanings attached to them, can be overwhelming from a learning standpoint. Fortunately, you don’t have to commit everything to memory right away. Part of learning the Tarot is becoming familiar with each and every card, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to keep a tarot diary. Once you’ve started keeping a diary, you can easily use it for quick reference should you need while doing a reading.

Your Connection

One of the first things you should use your tarot diary for is to go through all the cards in both the Major and Minor Arcana and write down how you personally relate to what they represent. For example, instead of viewing Death as an ominous sign, you may feel that to you it signifies some kind of rebirth. While the cards have their own meanings in both the upright and reversed positions, the cards are also important because of the connection the handler has with them. The tarot is a very personal psychic tool, which is why it’s important to recognize what each card symbolizes for you. If you’re having difficulty relating to all the cards in the Tarot, try first to go through each of the Major Arcana. Once you fully understand what each of the Major Arcana means to you on a personal level, you can go back to the Minor Arcana and make your way through them. Don’t stress out if you find that you can’t really relate to the Minor Arcana. It consists of many cards with multiple meanings and it may take time for you to become familiar with them all for you to find some kind of personal connection.

Your Readings

"Doing multiple readings for yourself? Don't forget to jot down your readings"

“Doing multiple readings for yourself? Don’t forget to jot down your readings”

As you work with your cards, you’re going to do readings for yourself. While you may see some similarities in your readings, you’ll also see some very different results. This is another reason why it’s important for you to keep a tarot diary. By detailing the results of every reading you do for yourself, you’ll get a better idea of how the events of your life relate to what the cards are telling you. Additionally, if you keep track of the different spreads you use while performing your readings, you’ll be able to determine which one performs best for you.

The Readings You Do

You should also keep track of the readings you do for other people. The Tarot may respond better to some people in a specific spread, and this is something you’re going to want to keep track of for future readings. As well, if there’s a specific card that keeps turning up for a person, you’ll want to record it in order to be able to relate it to future readings.


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