Why Your Reader Shouldn’t Use the Gay Tarot, Especially If You’re LGBT

If you’re an old hat in the world of tarot reading, you know that there are dozens and dozens of decks out there that your reader could use when you go in for a session. Often they choose decks based on who their querant even more than the question being asked. If you’re a Christian, they may choose a deck based on an Angelic theme. If you’re more traditional you may get a spread based on the Rider-Waite themed decks. And if you’re a member of the LGBT community, your reader may be tempted to use the Gay Tarot deck for your readings thinking that it may be more attuned to you. That assumption is wrong, and no good reader should ever be caught so much as owning this deck for any other reason than novelty.

What Is LGBT?

"LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered"

“LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered”

LGBT has become the acronym to replace what was commonly referred to as a homosexual or gay person. It encompasses a much broader category of people and includes a similarly broader community. A transgendered person may not be homosexual, after all, and would be left out of the community if either term was used. A bisexual person would as well, and as the term gay is almost universally applied to men over women, it tends to overlook he existence of women as well.

What Is the Gay Tarot?

"Gay tarot - A deck that caters to gay men"

“Gay tarot – A deck that caters to gay men”

The artwork is beautiful, and it’s unsurprising that this is one of the top selling decks for that very reason. The reimagining of each of the cards is both creative and even adorable at times, such as the newly penned Lovers card. It’s widely available online, and most book stores or New Age shops would be happy to order it in for you if you asked. They’re certainly groundbreaking in that they challenge the notion that a duality is necessary in areas like relationships; having the romantic themes of the cards centered around two men instead of a man and a woman is a barrier worth breaking.

Why Shouldn’t You Use the Gay Tarot?

The Gay Tarot is a great deck for the novelty, art, and political statement, but should never be used in a real reading.The key to any tarot deck is balance. There are cards for every scenario, every mood and behavior. The Major Arcana card Justice is a great example of this, a woman with the sternness and sometimes even the dress of a man, holding a sword and a pair of scales. Unfortunately the Gay Tarot deck removes this balance by having no women in it whatsoever. Women certainly influence the lives of gay men whether or not they date them by way of friends, mothers, and sisters but beyond even that, the cards themselves aren’t always about physical women in our lives. They represent feminine influences, motherly emotions and inspirations. By changing these you change the way the cards can guide these influences and at times remove them completely from the equation.


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