Why Online Readings Are Better Than in Person Readings

Tarot readings have been around for thousands of years, and are not at all a new idea to anyone. People have always flocked to new age shops in hopes of getting a reading and some good guidance. When the technological age started to boom, suddenly a whole new market opened up, as people were able to get tarot readings from the comfort of their own home. Since then, a new debate has sparked over which kind of reading was best: one that one conducted in person, or one that was held online. Both debates have valid reasoning behind them, but it seems more often than not people are choosing online readers as their preferred method of getting advice. Here are some of the main reasons clients often prefer an online reading.

There’s Little to No Chance of Simply Getting a Cold Reading

"In order to avoid cold reading people usually prefer online reading"

“In order to avoid cold reading people usually prefer online reading”

Skeptics often accuse psychics of being nothing more than cold readers. A cold reading is where a fake psychic will look over a person and attempt to read any signals the client unknowingly gives off in order to make high-probability guesses and pass it off as a genuine reading. When it comes to getting a good tarot reading, there is no chance of this happening. The cards alone are meant to tell the outcome of the situation, not the reader. But, sometimes in an in person session, a reader might pick up on certain speech patterns, level of education, gender, race or religion and it might effect how they read the cards if they aren’t experienced enough to see past the individual. Cold readings are one of the number one reasons why a lot of people put very little faith in psychics and tarot readers and give a bad name to the genuine readers. But, when someone uses an online reader to give them guidance, it can be practically impossible to get a cold reading. There is no visual or voice to go along with the client, so the reader is forced to rely on their actual abilities to read the cards in order to give a correct reading.

With Online Readings You Get Better Privacy

"Online reading is a great way to ensure privacy"

“Online reading is a great way to ensure privacy”

For whatever reasons they might have, not every person wants to go and see a tarot reader in person. Maybe it’s a simple case of not wanting to get all dressed up and leave the house, or perhaps it’s a deeper privacy reason. Perhaps they live in a small community and it could be seen as scandalous to their reputation if they were seen walking out of a new age shop after consulting a tarot reader. Maybe the issue at hand is a delicate subject and they don’t feel comfortable talking face to face with another person about it. The only information they need to provide is their payment information, and from there on out they can stay completely anonymous. Not only are online readings a great way to ensure privacy, but it also provides a more relaxed and comfortable environment for the client. If they are dealing with a difficult issues, being able to sit in the comfort of their own home and read a computer screen versus having to face another person can be just the thing they need to ease their anxiety.


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