What You Need to Know When Shopping for Your Tarot Deck

"Learn how to keep your deck cards clean before purchasing them"

“Learn how to keep your deck cards clean before purchasing them”

Buying tools used for psychic divination isn’t quite like shopping for clothes or for a car. You’ll be using these tools to discover very personal things about yourself, which means you’re going to want to select items that appeal to you both in an aesthetic and emotional way. A good example of this is the tarot deck. Contrary to what people who aren’t familiar with all things psychic may think, you can’t just pick up any deck of tarot cards and immediately experience success with the readings you get from it. It’s important to understand many of the myths and superstitions that surrounding the Tarot before you start shopping. Once you do, you may have a greater appreciation for its history and more importantly, how important a tool it could become to you.

Consider Receiving One for a Gift

There’s a very old superstition out there that relates to just how one obtains a tarot deck. It states that by purchasing a tarot deck for yourself, you’re rendering whatever reading powers it has null and void. In order to be able to access the powers of the Tarot, you must receive a deck as a gift from someone else. Of course, there’s no way to prove that this superstition is in fact true, which means you need to proceed based on your own beliefs.

Choose the Imagery and Themes That Appeal to You

"Choose those deck cards that are very impressive"

“Choose those deck cards that are very impressive”

There are a ton of tarot themes out there. Some, like the Arthurian deck, have been around for centuries and are believed to have power derived from the ages. Others, such as the Lord of the Rings deck, were made for the sake of novelty. There are superstitions regarding the type of deck you use, as well. Some tarot practitioners believe that only the decks that have images and themes rooted in history are actual psychic tools. Again, there’s no real way to prove this. There are plenty of successful and reliable psychics out there that use decks that they find aesthetically appealing, so you should keep that in mind. Additionally, some of the more traditional decks can cost a fortune, so if you’re shopping on a budget you may have to opt for a novelty deck.

Consider Storage

It’s also a popular belief that the way you store your tarot deck can impact its power. Many people choose to store their deck in special ways. Wooden boxes are very popular choices for storage. Other people like to wrap their decks in perfumed lengths of silk, lace, or some other kind of fabric that appeals to them. While shopping for your tarot deck, you should also look for a way to store it. Many occult stores will sell embroidered or beaded bags for tarot storage, as well as boxes or other kinds of containers. Once you have a place to store your deck, you should consider marking the container with runes or markings of protection in order to ensure the energy of the cards stays pure and positive. Of course, you can store your cards however you want, but if you want them to provide you with accurate readings it might be a good idea to purchase a container.


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