Three Ways to Augment Your Tarot Readings

"Gather some deep knowledge about crystals"

“Gather some deep knowledge about crystals”

While the Tarot is a powerful psychic tool on its own, there are ways to augment the power it has. While these methods aren’t necessarily going to work for everyone, they are methods that have been used throughout the centuries by psychics looking to increase the accuracy of their tarot decks. As with the Tarot itself, these methods of augmentation likely won’t work unless the practitioner is a true believer in all things psychic. If you’re a frequent and dedicated user of the Tarot and you’d like to try to augment your deck, these ancient methods may be worth experimenting with in order to see if they’ll work for you.


You’re likely already aware that crystals have very strong mystic properties. They are used mainly for cleansing, but many people choose to use them as amplifiers, as well. It’s for this latter purpose that you may want to consider obtaining some. Many people believe that storing their tarot cards with crystals serves not only to cleanse the cards, but to augment their energy as well. As far as storing with crystals goes, most people choose to use quartz because of its cleansing properties. Some people choose to use crystals during a reading, usually by positioning them at key points surrounding the spread they’re using to get a reading. In this case, the crystals used for augmentation could be quartz, calcite, amethyst, tourmaline, or a combination of these four. You could also experiment to find if there are other crystals that could amplify your deck’s energy.


Many tarot readers cleanse their decks with the smoke of burning sweetgrass

Many tarot readers cleanse their decks with the smoke of burning sweetgrass

Many people believe that a tarot deck accumulates negative energy as it’s used. Many psychics tend to regularly cleanse their decks to keep positive energy active. This can be done in a number of different ways. One of the most common ways to cleanse is done by “smudging” which is essentially using smoke from burning sage or sweetgrass. By passing your cards through the smoke, or by “washing” your cards with the smoke, you’re removing the negative energy that has accumulated. Another way people may cleanse their decks is by storing their tarot decks with crystals, namely quartz, which is believed to absorb negative energy. One of the most ancient methods of cleansing a tarot deck is by exposing it to the light of the moon for a night. This will only work if there’s no pollution interfering with the moon’s light, which means that this can be tough to do in an urban area.

Allow Someone Else to Use Your Cards

Many people don’t like the idea of someone else using their cards, but there’s something to be said about having someone you care about doing a reading for you with your own tarot deck. Because these cards usually have deeply personal meanings, you may find that having someone you care about handle your cards could lead to an accumulation of more positive energy around your cards, which in turn could lead to an improvement in your reading accuracy. This method may not work for everyone, particularly people who don’t like the idea of someone else handling their cards. If you’re okay with the idea, however, there’s no harm in trying this method to see if it can augment your readings.


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