Three Suggestions You Can Give Your Psychic to Get a Better Reading

"Ask them to use your favorite decks"

“Ask them to use your favorite decks”

A lot of people think that psychics are able to get an accurate reading for you no matter what. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. It’s entirely possible for a psychic to get a reading wrong, particularly if it’s your first time visiting that particular psychic. This isn’t to say that a psychic that makes an inaccurate reading is a fake or a scammer, however; in many circumstances if the psychic is not familiar with you it can throw the energy off. If you’re about to go and see a new psychic in order to get a reading done, you’re probably going to want to make some suggestions to ensure that the energy is flowing right and in your favor.

Ask Them to Use a Different Deck

While the divination power of the Tarot comes from the cards themselves, the imagery and theme of the cards is very important as well. For this reason, many psychics possess more than one tarot deck. Before you get a reading done most psychics will show you the deck they intend to use. If you find that you feel no connection to the energy of the deck that they’re currently using, you can and should ask if they would be willing to use another deck. Because the cards will be used to divine an answer to a question that you’ll be asking, it’s important that you approve of the deck being used. Most psychics will be okay with this and have likely done it before for other clients, so don’t feel bad about asking if you feel a different deck would suit you better.

Ask Them to Get a Feel for You

"Ask them to do a quick astrology reading for you"

“Ask them to do a quick astrology reading for you”

It can be sometimes be difficult for psychics to get true and accurate readings when they are working with complete strangers. In order to be able to get a better feel for new clients, some psychics will take a short period of time to ask you some questions or to do some other psychic evaluations on you. If you’re seeing a new psychic and you’d like to ensure that they’ll get an accurate reading, feel free to ask them to get a feel for you. You might suggest that they do a quick numerology reading for you. Both of these will give the psychic an idea of your aura and your energy. You might also ask them try palmistry, if that’s an area they specialize, which will allow them to get better attuned to you.

Ask if They Can Cleanse Their Deck

The cleansing of the Tarot is something that most tarot practitioners will be familiar with. However, the method of cleansing and the time of cleansing will vary from person to person. If you’ve become the client of a new psychic and you’d like for your first reading to be a good one, you should ask the psychic to cleanse the deck before he or she does a reading for you. Cleansing the deck ensures that all negative energy surrounding it dissipates, which will allow for a reading that’s not clouded and is better attuned to you.


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