The Top 6 Cards for Mental Health Issues

It’s not unusual for someone to turn to tarot cards when they’re at their most vulnerable or when they feel the most uncertain about where they are in their lives. It stands to reason, then, that tarot cards have the ability to underscore the causes of these difficulties which can sometimes turn out to be related to things like depression, addiction or anxiety. It’s important to be able to recognize cards that may indicate a mental health issue coming into play, especially if you aren’t comfortable divulging that information to your reader.

The Moon Inverted

"The moon inverted card indicates fear and anxiety"

“The moon inverted card indicates fear and anxiety”

Even upright this card can representfear and anxiety, that something is being hidden from you by your subconscious. Inverted, the Moon indicates that you have several mental health issues that could be coming into play that you’ve yet to address or explore. These could be anxiety, or a phobia that is currently blocking your path. Whatever the cause, you need to face the reality of your road block or seek the help of someone who can help you do it.

The Nine of Swords

The source of your pain in this card is a feedback loop of negative self-talk brought on by depression. You’re stuck in a cycle of thinking that you’re awful, and that thought leads you to think you don’t deserve certain things or that everything will turn out horribly. And when these self-fulfilling prophecies come true, it just feeds right back into the loop.

The Star Inverted

"The star inverted - This card indicates hopelessness"

“The star inverted – This card indicates hopelessness”

As one of the key cards for hope, inverted the Star represents a complete sense of defeat. This could come from a great tragedy that’s recently occurred in your life, and it could also come from a major depression.

Five of Pentacles

This card in your spread indicates that you’re having extreme anxiety in regards to something in relation to money, such as fearing losing your job or losing all your savings. It may also indicate that you’re feeling like you’ve been left out in the cold, or that you’re not willing to accept the help you really need.

The Tower

"The Tower - This card indicates the end negative energy"

“The Tower – This card indicates the end negative energy”

The Tower is one of the most commonly misunderstood cards in the deck. It usually indicates that a great destruction has happened to tear down the building you were clinging to, forcing you to let go of negativity and start over on something fresh and good for you. In the context of mental health issues, however, it can indicate someone in an extreme crisis. You could be experiencing a major break-down, and it’s an indication that you would want to consider seeking professional help.

The Nine of Wands Inverted

Paranoia is the watchword when the Nine of Wands shows up inverted in your spread. You may feel like the world is against you, that there’s some grand conspiracy to keep you from reaching your goals. If this is in a spread with the Nine of Swords you may also be hearing voices, real or imagined, that seem to be confirming your fears.


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