The Top 4 Silly Questions People Ask Their Psychics and Why You Should Avoid Them

"Make sure you ask about your love life, career path, and financial state"

“Make sure you ask about your love life, career path, and financial state”

Many questions tarot card reading clients ask their psychics are well thought out and completely legitimate. Others need to be brought back to the drawing board. Avoid asking your psychic silly questions that have no business being read for. You’re simply wasting their time and your money. Here are some truly outrageous questions that should be left at home or simply thrown in your mind’s garbage bin instead of asked at the divination table.

“Does He/She Like Me?”

While it is perfectly understandable and reasonable to ask a psychic about the state of your love life, refrain from asking the questions a teen might ask an Ouija board or gossip about with her girlfriends. Asking a psychic about small crushes you have can be very taxing on their energy and irritating to them on a personal level. Confirm that a crush is more than just puppy love before pestering a psychic over and over again about guy after guy or girl after girl. When the relationship or feelings are more concrete, then you can go ask and see if anything is in the cards for the romance.

“What Will I Eat For Lunch?” or Similarly Asinine Questions

"Try to skip such questions"

“Try to skip such questions”

It’s the sign of a skeptic when a client comes into a tarot card reading and begins to ask smart aleck questions such as “What will I eat for lunch today?” or “So how old am I, then?” These should be avoided at all cost. This sends the message to a tarot reader that you don’t take them or their profession seriously and are just trying to be smart with them. If you do mean these questions seriously, it’s possible that the types of questions your asking can unintentional make your reader resentful of your presence.

“Which Team Should I Bet On?”

There’s a rule among legitimate psychics and Tarot in general that states the cards should not be used or interpreted in a way that could lead someone to commit crime. This includes using the cards for bets or sports results. Before you go into a psychics shop or log onto a psychic site, think about the true reason you’re going. If it’s to try to make a quick buck because of tarot cards, you’re no better than a scam psychic yourself. Trusting tarot cards to give you betting results can also put you in a pile of debt if your tarot card reader doesn’t interpret the cards to the exact future that occurs.

“Will This Character and That Character Get Together?”

Tarot card readers don’t want to hear about your fandom wishes and desires. If you’re truly invested in Thor and Loki getting together, blog about it online instead of begging your psychic to do a divination about them. Many psychics get asked questions about characters getting together romantically, upcoming plot twists, and other silly questions related to the television shows or books that people read. A psychic cannot determine whether or not Game of Thrones will end well. Don’t even try to ask about it.


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