The Top 3 Misunderstood Major Arcana and What You Really Need to Know

Many tarot cards are self-explanatory. For instance, The World card is often interpreted to mean that the entire situation or part of life in question is involved in the reading. The Sun is a card that brings hope and positivity to life.

Due to pop culture or supposed common sense, however, some tarot cards get a reputation they don’t deserve. These cards are thought to mean one thing but often mean something else. Other cards can mean what people often think they do, but those same people don’t understand the full meaning or interpretation of the card. Learn more about the top three misunderstood major arcana tarot cards before going to your next psychic reading.


Death arcana - The end of a relationship or a job or a bad situation

Death arcana – The end of a relationship or a job or a bad situation

The Death arcana is known for being exactly what it describes itself to be: the harbinger of death. While this is true in some aspects, the misunderstanding arises when tarot card newbies think that this is all the fateful Death card means.

When the Death card comes up in a spread, it could possibly mean that death or illness is near. On the other hand, the Death arcana can mean that the end of ANYTHING is near. This can be the end of a relationship, a job, or a sticky situation you find yourself in. This means the Death arcana can be either positive or negative. In one scenario, you might find the Death card to be daunting. In another, it can mean a very positive change is on the way.

The Lovers

"The lovers - This card represents love, union, and values"

“The lovers – This card represents love, union, and values”

The stereotype of The Lovers is also obvious. It must deal with love and romance by being called The Lovers, right? Not exactly. While this card coming up in a spread CAN mean that love is involved in the interpretation, The Lovers can mean a variety of things outside of romance.

The Lovers is a card of important choices above all else. This is a card that calls into question your relationships and how they and the actions you take within them can affect others. This is another card that can go both ways in terms of bearing good or bad news. On one hand, a relationship can go well. On the other, a choice you make might ruin a relationship.

The Fool

Don’t be a fool when you see The Fool come up in a spread. Many get offended when they think about how The Fool card could then be applied to them. While this is a normal response and reaction, think more closely about what The Fool really represents instead of what it seems to mean.

The Fool card means that something new is occurring and that you’re starting off on a journey. Think of The Fool as really meaning “The Student”. The Fool talks about how you are ignorant and naïve of something at the current point and need to arm yourself in order to have a successful journey. This card can also mean that the start of something new is coming your way and that it’s important to prepare for a new venture to appear on the horizon.


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