The Best Ways to Sway Non-Believers into Seeing a Tarot Reader

If someone has consulted a psychic and received a very good reading, chances are they will very likely keep going back for future guidance. There’s also a very good chance that they will want to share their knew found knowledge with friends and family, and want to bring them in for a tarot reading as well. But, as they’ll quickly learn, not everyone is a fan of tarot readers. A lot of people think of psychics and tarot readers to be nothing more than the same kind of cheap fortune tellers one might find at a traveling carnival. They think it’s all a bunch of nonsense that only suckers buy into, and will claim they’d rather not waste money on something so obviously fake. While it’s true that you won’t be able to convince everyone of readers amazing abilities, here are some good ways to start swaying a non-believer into consulting a tarot reader.

Know Who You’re Talking to

"Share your tarot card knowledge with those people who take them seriously"

“Share your tarot card knowledge with those people who take them seriously”

Sometimes there are just some people who won’t budge on their opinions. They can be shown proof over and over, and still refuse to give up their beliefs. If someone wants to convince a friend or family member that a tarot reader is a great go-to option, they should first know who they are dealing with. Trying to convince a non-believer into consulting psychic or reader can sometimes feel like talking to a brick wall. If the person knows that their friend or family member absolutely will not budge on the subject, and that convincing them to see a reader will be like pulling teeth, then it’s best to not push things. Save yourself the time and energy if things are going nowhere, and try someone else who has a more open mind.

Share Personal Experiences

"Try to share your personal experiences with non-believers"

“Try to share your personal experiences with non-believers”

One of the best ways to sway a non-believer into seeing a reader is to share personal experiences with them. Did a psychic or tarot reader hit the nail on the head with relationship advice? Was a reader able to predict the details of that upcoming promotion? Did they successfully guide you to enlightenment on a problem that had been troubling you for years? Let the non-believer know. Tell them all the details, and then let them decide for themselves whether or not they want to consult a reader for an issue they might be having. Never be too pushy when it comes to swaying someone. A person who is too pushy and relentless can very easily turn someone off no matter what the issue is. Keep things casual and continue to show positive reinforcement.

Don’t Give Them Unrealistic Expectations

A non-believer is already skeptical of a psychics. They already think that they are going to go in and get told a bunch of false promises and are going to waste their money on someone trying to tell them useless information like what they had for dinner the night before. Don’t give a bad impression of the tarot reader by promising too much too fast. Don’t tell a non-believer that if they go to a reader all of their problems will go away, or that the reader will be able to predict every aspect of their future. That’s simply not the case, and making promises like that will only make them more skeptical.


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