Some Basic Differences Between Online and Offline Psychics

With the new era of the Internet comes a type of psychic reading that hasn’t been seen before. While the past did offer psychic hotlines, the Internet lets those who want to have a tarot card reading experience the session in a variety of different ways that come with their own sets of pros and cons. While the service is the same, the methods and abilities of each type of service change drastically depending on the type of online tarot card reading method chosen.

Face to Face Interactions

"Face to face interactions - No room for misunderstandings"

“Face to face interactions – No room for misunderstandings”

When using an online tarot card reading service, unless you’re opting to use one that utilizes video, the face to face connection that you get from being in the same room as a reader is completely lost. Being able to see a reader face to face allows for a client to be able to completely understand the context of the conversation currently being had.

While chatting with someone over text, sometimes the tone and meaning behind the words is lost. Imagine saying “Hi” to someone offline. They know by your tone whether you’re disgruntled or blissful. This is lost over text in most instances. Being able to have a face to face interaction with a reader allows for no misunderstandings to be had when it comes to what they’re really saying about an interpretation.

Real Time Results

When using a chat client for tarot card readings, sometimes you can have a bit of lag when it comes to responses that can be eliminated by being face to face with a reader. Not being able to see or hear someone giving you information can also make people a little wary. Chat based psychic lines are arguably the weakest type of online tarot card reading service. If you prefer to have a simpler conversation with a psychic, then pick this method.

Genuine Results

"In face-to-face interaction you will get real responses"

“In face-to-face interaction you will get real responses”

Some tarot card reading sites just have an option for a deck to be randomized. While this reading is usually free, a site randomizing tarot cards for you isn’t exactly a genuine result. Having a reading done by a person whom you’re actively speaking with and acknowledging is infinitely more intimate. Also, a randomized set of cards and interpretations doesn’t take your actual situation and question into account. Asking a reader a specific question and being told their true interpretation is part of what makes a reading so unique and individual. On a randomized reading site, someone else could get that exact same reading, word for word, as long as the randomizer gave them those cards.


Most of the above differences may be seen as negative or up to someone’s personal preference. One point that is extremely positive is the cost of online tarot card readings usually being much lower than card readings done in person. Card readings online take into account the cheaper methods of reading cards for you instead of factoring in all the expenses that go along with running a tarot card reading shop. Those who want to delve into reading but who are also on a fixed income can quickly find legitimate psychics online who will do readings for half the cost of psychics they’d see in real life.


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