Should You Sit In On A Friend’s Reading?

"Know more about tarot cards by sitting in on a friend's reading"

“Know more about tarot cards by sitting in on a friend’s reading”

In most instances, a reading is a conversation between a customer and reader. The customer outlines their needs or problem, and the reader goes over the cards that hold the answers. Often, people do this in private. Sometimes, though, readings are public. People will invite others into their readings, or just not kick them out when they’re already traveling as a group. These are times when an audience is not intended. However, there are situations whereas an audience can help a customer. If you’ve got a friend with a tarot related issue, sitting in on a reading with them might be the solution

First Time

Sometimes people are unsure about their reading. Perhaps they aren’t sold on the cards, yet, or they are simply nervous about the psychic. It is understandable, as readings take a big leap of faith. For some, having a friend sit in on their first reading is a help. If you have a friend who wants to learn about readings, consider walking them through your process. You can help them prepare for a reading by picking a good spread and questions. This will make sure they get effective answers that they can use going forward.

Second Opinion

There are times when you’re not so sure about a psychic. It could be for a variety of reasons. If they gave you a strange and dramatic reading, or one that doesn’t fit your character. Sometimes, you just get a bad vibe from people. In most cases, this is time to call it quits and find another psychic. In case you’re on the fence, bringing on a second opinion can be good. Having another person you trust get a feel for the psychic can reassure you or lead you to calling it quits with them.

Learning Yourself

"It's good to get an outside perspective on the reading process"

“It’s good to get an outside perspective on the reading process”

Sitting in on a friend’s reading will let you get a good view on what readings are like, with much less emotional involvement from you. It can be good to see how the psychic acts when you don’t have to worry about the cards themselves. If you are learning to read the cards yourself, sitting in on other psychics will allow you to see many different styles. You shouldn’t just copy people, as that isn’t honest. Getting an outside perspective on others can help you decide for yourself how you want to approach the cards.

Paying For It

Sometimes, you might find yourself gifting a tarot reading to another. It could be because it is something they already enjoy, and you want to indulge them. Other time, it is because the thing that will most sway a curious reader to get their first reading is having another pay for it. Having another person put down the cash for the first step will encourage them to take future ones. Whatever the reason, should you pay for the reading, you might feel that sitting in is completely valid. After all, you are making sure they are getting your money’s worth. It’s important to consider, though, their wishes. If they accept a reading as a gift, but don’t want an audience, it’s important to accept that.


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