Know Before You Go: The Minor Arcana Suits Explained

There’s lots to learn about the world of tarot, and thankfully you don’t have to be an expert to get a reading done – that’s what your reader’s for, after all. But it’s definitely useful to have at least some of the basics down since this knowledge can significantly enhance your reading experience. The more familiar with the cards you are the more intuitive the reading is going to be for you. Your reader will also be in a better position to make interpretations on your behalf if you can read the cards correctly and help him or her along with events that may seem confusing to someone who isn’t living through them. Knowing the basics about the Minor Arcana, the second of two categories of cards in the tarot deck, is a great start.


"Wands - Suit of creativity, action, and movement"

“Wands – Suit of creativity, action, and movement”

The Wands, sometimes also referred to as the Staves, are the suit of movement, action and creativity. This is the can-do suit, the suit you want to see appear when you’re talking about starting a new project. They’re associated with enthusiasm, risk-taking, confidence and adventure. They’re associated with the element of fire for the force of energy they can provide. Fire can destroy, but it can also generate a passion that allows for new beginnings to be born.


"Cups - Suit of emotions"

“Cups – Suit of emotions”

When it comes to emotions, the suit of Cups reigns supreme. They describe your inner state of being, exposing feelings that you may not even be fully aware of locked away inside you. They’re the suit you see the most in readings about relationships. The Cups are associated with the element of water as water has the ability to flow inward and fill up spaces as well as its life-giving ability to sustain us and change our moods like the tide.


"Swords - Suit of intellect, thought, and reason"

“Swords – Suit of intellect, thought, and reason”

One of the more misunderstood suits, the suit of Swords is one of wisdom and intellect rather than the violence that most people assume. They correspond with justice, truth and ethics. This is the card of someone who follows by the rules, and it’s a good suit to see when you’re looking for which path is the right path to be on. It sits with the element of air due to its ability to provide mental clarity when we need it the most, opening our minds so we can see the wisest path without the influence of bias or emotion.


Where the Swords bring wisdom, Pentacles bring practicality. They concern themselves with material things like finances, success and security. If you’re having money woes, Pentacles are the suits you want to see populating your spread. Associated with the element of earth, Pentacles can also reveal to you the beauty of nature and open us up to changes you may be able to make to the way you interact to the life around you. This could mean that you’re being unfair to a friend, or even that the solution to your financial woes is to simply recycle more or plant your own garden rather than buy your food at the store.


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