Know Before You Go: The Best Minor Arcana for Money

It’s always good to know a little more about the cards you’re about to have read, even if you aren’t the one actually interpreting them. After all, if you know more about the cards you’re in a better position to interpret them, possibly catching onto something that even your reader might have missed. And if you’re going in for a reading related to money it’s especially important that you pay close attention.

Four of Pentacles – Exposure

"You've money related questions? Go for four of pentacles card"

“You’ve money related questions? Go for four of pentacles card”

This is a great card to get for questions related to money when presented upright. It signifies that you’ll be in a position of financial security with a solid foundation. Reversed, however, you may find your money slipping through your fingers as you watch helplessly. That security you had is lost and your foundation is crumbling.

Five of Pentacles – Poverty

This is one of the rare pentacle cards that’s best presented reversed. The reverse of this card is telling you that the solution to your financial woes is right in front of you, all you have to do is open your eyes and see. Confusion may be blocking your vision, so try to look at your situation from a different perspective to help you see the answer that’s already there. Reversed this card spells out financial difficulties in your future that could signal a loss of money, social standing or material possessions that could force you to economize due to your limited resources.

Six of Pentacles – Evolving

"Six of pentacles - Signifies your relationship with money"

“Six of pentacles – Signifies your relationship with money”

You may find yourself the beneficiary of some surprise financial contributions in the future. This could be anything from an anonymous donation to an inheritance coming through for you at long last. It also sometimes mean that there’s a trip in your future that you don’t have to worry about the expenses for. Reversed this card is financially devastating: it signals a coming fiscal catastrophe involving troubles with other people over money.

Nine of Pentacles – Gratitude

This is another card where a surprise may mean your financial salvation. This card in answer to a question about money woes means you can expect fiscal benefits to come from an unexpected source, usually as gifts or extra income. This could be another person physically giving you more money or an opportunity for extra work so you have the opportunity to earn what you need. Reversed it means that money you had an opportunity to use wisely was gambled away, or possibly stolen.

Page of Pentacles – Projects

If you’re working on a long term project, this is the card you want to see in your spread. You should be getting news soon about the money you need being on the way in, meaning you can start, continue or continue your project soon. This card deals with young people that are also calm, level-headed and responsible, so if you have any concerns about the lead on this project or a major contributor not being serious about it because of their age, you can set those worries aside. They know what they’re doing, and they’re all in.


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