Is it Wise to Bring a Friend, Hubby, or Family Member to Your Tarot Reading?

"Avoid those friends or family members who make fun of tarot reading"

“Avoid those friends or family members who make fun of tarot reading”

Tarot card readings are often seen as extremely personal and require an intimate connection between the psychic, the client, and the walls around them (or their location in cyberspace if the session is online). This doesn’t stop some tarot card enthusiasts from wondering whether or not they can include another person in the readings they go to receive. It’s often you see a mother and daughter going to a reading together, or perhaps two friends who want to try out a psychic for the novelty factor.

Those who take Tarot more seriously often worry that the extra energy in the room will make their own personal reading more muddled. In truth, it’s fine to bring along a friend, lover, or family member for a reading as long as the situation is taken seriously and the reading doesn’t become too muddled.

Friends and Readings

"Bring those friends to your tarot reading who take tarot cards seriously"

“Bring those friends to your tarot reading who take tarot cards seriously”

The stereotypical scenario that involves two friends getting their fortunes told is one that includes two overly excited women getting flustered by the mysticism of a psychic. This scenario isn’t unrealistic as many women do find tarot card reading to be novelty and something fun to do with a friend every once in a while.

If you take tarot card readings seriously, make sure your friend understands that you’re there to consult with a psychic, not to giggle and goof around. A friend can be a great asset during a session as they also offer a pair of eyes who can interpret a situation in an unbiased way. A friend being present also allows for a reading that centers on the two of you, not just yourselves as individuals.

A Psychic Reading or Relationship Counseling?

Taking a partner to a psychic can be a bit trickier. In contrast to taking a friend, it’s best to go with a lighthearted attitude when consulting a psychic with a spouse or significant other. Why? Getting serious about relationship issues and the future of a partnership can cause paranoia in the case that something comes up negative in the reading. It can also spark fights as to what the meaning of the reading is.

Remember that a psychic is not a relationship counselor and is only there to interpret tarot cards. What they say does not directly reflect on your relationship or the actions you take within the relationship. Going to a reading with a beloved while keeping an open mind and a grain of salt handy can keep things easy going and drama-free.

Will A Family Member Get In The Way?

You’re more likely to be very blunt and casual with a family member than anyone else (unless they are a parent). This can create an atmosphere of tenseness, even if you didn’t mean for things to turn sour. One comment from them about a boyfriend or job scenario that comes up during the reading can make the reading take a turn for the worse. If you do want to bring a family member to the reading, make sure it’s one you can trust and that won’t be judgmental of your results.


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