How to Spot Amateur Psychics and Why You Should Avoid Them

"Amateur psychics are unskilled"

“Amateur psychics are unskilled”

Anytime you look to purchase a service online, you want to make sure that you’re getting reliable, trustworthy service in exchange for your money, just as you would in real life. Unfortunately, when it comes to getting services online, it can be kind of difficult to tell up front if you’re going to get your money’s worth. This is the case when it comes to getting online psychic readings done. There’s no real way for you to tell if a psychic is the real deal until after you’ve had them do a reading for you, which means you’re going to have to pay before you’ll know. Considering that you have to pay for a reading, you’re likely going to want a psychic that is experienced and knows what he or she is doing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of amateur psychics attempting to break into the online psychic reading world, which means there’s a risk that you might end up with someone who’s very, very new to the practice. This doesn’t mean you should swear off having an online reading done, however. There are easy ways to spot amateur psychics and a number of reasons why you should avoid them.

Check Their Profiles

"Don't forget to check your psychic's profiles"

“Don’t forget to check your psychic’s profiles”

The most successful psychic reading sites out there will have profiles for each and every one of their psychics. These profiles exist to provide clients like you with some basic background information on a psychic, including their experience and how long they’ve been affiliated with that particular website. If you’re looking to avoid an amateur psychic, the profile should be the first thing you check out. Look through the section that lists their experience and you’ll be able to see how long they’ve been doing psychic readings. You’ll also be able to see how long they’ve been doing psychic readings online. If they’re relatively new to both the world of psychic readings AND doing them online, you’re looking at an amateur. However, if they have extensive experience with offline readings and have just transitioned into doing online readings, they might still be worth a shot. Obviously the best-case scenario for you would be finding a psychic that has extensive experience doing readings both offline and online.

See What Others Have to Say

Many psychic reading sites also offer up customer reviews for each psychic. It’s to your advantage to read through these reviews because it can give you helpful insight in regards to whether a psychic is actually any good or not. You want to keep an eye out for reviews that talk about bad readings, lack of professionalism, or any mention of being completely clueless in regards to how psychic readings are done. The reviews you want to see will mention experience, accurate readings, and will state that the psychic in question is definitely worth what you pay.

Check the Ratings

If a psychic reading site doesn’t have a review system, it will likely have a rating system instead. Avoid any psychics that score low and instead choose one that has a very high rating. The only way they get a high rating is by being good at what they do, and likely only the most experienced psychics will have the highest ratings on the site.


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