How to Choose the Tarot Cleansing Method That Works Best for You

There’s more to being a tarot practitioner than simply flipping cards over and reciting their meanings off by heart. Being able to read the Tarot means you need to know how to properly maintain your deck. Most psychic tools accumulate energy as they are used. Unfortunately, some of that energy can have a negative influence on how well the cards can divine answers to the questions you ask them. The method of removing this negative energy is called “cleansing,” and it’s something that anyone who’s familiar with the Tarot has done. Because there are number of different ways to cleanse a tarot deck, you’ll likely have to do some experimentation in order to find a cleansing method that works best for you and your cards.

Decide What Suits You More

"You can clean your decks with the smoke of burning sweet grass"

“You can clean your decks with the smoke of burning sweet grass”

As with the way you choose and store your deck, the way you cleanse it is going to almost depend entirely on what you prefer. Many people prefer to cleanse their decks with the smoke of sage. However, not everyone can stand the smell of that smoke. That unpleasant association can actually impact the cleansing process, meaning your cards will still have traces of negative energy attached to them when you’re done. If you don’t like the idea of cleansing with smoke, you can consider cleansing through the use of crystals. Quartz, particularly rose quartz, is a crystal that is renowned for its cleansing properties. Large crystal clusters work better for cleansing but are also quite expensive. However, several smaller crystals can work very well for cleansing, particularly if they are stored with your deck after every use.

Follow Ancient Practices

"You can place your deck in an air light container"

“You can place your deck in an air light container”

There are other types of cleansing that are very old in practice. One such method is cleansing the cards by moonlight. Because this would require moonlight not tainted by any kind of pollution, however, it will be difficult for anyone living in an urban center to do. A salt burial is also a very old method of tarot cleansing. This requires that you keep your deck in a container and then bury it completely in salt, leaving it there for a few days before removing it. You might also consider making use of the elements for cleansing. For a fire cleansing, for example, you would pass your cards over the flame of a candle (ensuring the heat does not damage them). For water cleansing, you splash your cards with small droplets of water and then “washing” them away. With an earth cleansing, which is similar to a salt burial, you put your cards in an airtight container and then bury them in the earth for a few days. For an air cleansing, you pass a smudge stick over your cards to remove negative energy.


One of the most common methods of cleansing the Tarot is to simply sort the cards after every use. Arrange them in numerical order, grouping the cards in the Minor Arcana together by suit. By putting them back in order, you’re removing the negative energy they’ve accumulated, making them ready to use once more.


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