Are You Getting Back Together? The Best Cards for Reconciliation

The most common questions a querant brings to the tarot table are usually related to their relationships. Are they going to find their true love? Is this person a good love match? And even more commonly, are we going to get back together? Love isn’t easy, with or without the tarot cards to guide you, but knowing which cards are the best signs that you and your loved one are destined to reunite can help make things a little bit easier for you.

The Two of Cups

"The two of cups - A great card for love reciprocation"

“The two of cups – A great card for love reciprocation”

In some readings it can mean that the person you’re attracted to reciprocates your feelings, but when found specifically in a reading about getting back together with your ex it’s a sign that they want to reconnect just as much as you do. This is especially the case if you happen to find it paired with the Sun, World or Lovers cards.

The Three of Cups

This card is the ultimate “happy days are here again” card, especially when paired with the Two of Cups. This card doesn’t specifically pertain to lovers and can be a great card for mending the fence with a friend or family member as well. If it is about a past boyfriend or girlfriend, however, be careful if you see any more threes in your spread. That could be indicate that while you will get back together, you won’t be the only person in his or her mind – or bed. If it comes paired with the Hierophant, however, you may be looking at wedding bells.

The Six of Cups

An indicator that a soul mate may be coming back into your life, the Six of Cups is a card you want to see in your reconciliation spread. When combined with the Ace of Cups it may be someone you barely know, a friend of a friend or someone you ran into at a party and had no idea you’d find so much chemistry with. Keep an eye out for acquaintances coming back into your life if this card shows up in your spread.

The Ten of Cups

"You want your lover to come back? Go for the ten of cups card"

“You want your lover to come back? Go for the ten of cups card”

The Ten of Cups is the ideal card for a reconciliation spread if what you really want to create a future with your lover. This is the card of settling down, creating a family and building a future. Your partner will come back to you because they realize what they really want is to have that picture perfect life with you and no one else.

The Four of Wands

Another great card for settling down, the Four of Wands is the card you want to pop up if you’re looking for a mid-level of commitment. You want a relationship, you want to start looking at the option of having a future together, but you aren’t ready to get married. This is the “moving in” card, especially when coupled with any of the cups cards mentioned above.


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