5 Major Arcana That Promise Stability

The cards often act in dramatic ways. They herald change or reveal deceit. They might uncover hidden affections or push you to look inside yourself. That is not the case with all cards, though. Some major arcana promote structure and harmony. Each card has its own nuanced meaning, reflecting stability in a different aspect of life. If any of these cards turn up in your reading, you can know that a sudden twist is not coming down the line.

The High Priestess

"The high priestess is a card of strong intuition"

“The high priestess is a card of strong intuition”

The High Priestess is a strong commanding woman. In many instances, it represents stability of the mind. Though there may be turmoil in your life, listen to your intuition to guide you through it. It also represents feminine strength. If it turns up in a reading for a woman, it can represent her strength and independence. She needs no man to rule alongside her. For men, it can represent strong or ideal feminine presences in their lives or selves.

The Emperor

While the High Priestess is feminine, the Emperor is masculine. This card represents authority such as the government. It can be a sign of stability, and how a strong ruler serves their people. By remaining calm and stable, they can strengthen their community and give them confidence. Should it turn up, it could mean it is time to look to your leaders, or your own powers as a leader to make your community stronger.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant represents structures within society. Everyone fills a role, from the kings and presidents to citizens. This card can mean that it is an important time to play whatever role you have. It is not time to rebel against or change the structure. The card also has religious connotations, and is the pope in some decks. In this sense, it brings to mind being a part of a community. Groups like churches can be a source of stability for individuals. For these to work, though, it takes other people putting in work. Now is the time to play that role.


"Temperance - You have a clear and a long-term vision of what you want"

“Temperance – You have a clear and a long-term vision of what you want”

Temperance stands between death and the devil. Though they have harsh neighbors, they are a peaceful card. In some explanations of the tarot, they are the force responsible for judging the souls of the dead and choosing what to give new life. From these different elements, a beautiful life is born. As a card, it represents harmonious merging. It is not the time for dramatic action, but instead time for peace and acceptance. Should this card turn up, you can know that you have the strength to accept the changes in your life with peace.

The World

The World is the ending of the fool’s journey. They have journeyed far from home and it has changed them. Now they are back home, and seeing familiar ground with new eyes. This card is a symbol of completion and harmony. It reflects one who has grown from their experience, and become wise. This is, unfortunately, at times an unattainable goal. At times, the world is an ideal, a level of enlightenment that is impossible for normal people.


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