4 Things You Should Never Consult Your Tarot Reader For

"Tarot readers can read your cards but not your mind"

“Tarot readers can read your cards but not your mind”

Any professional tarot reader can tell you that when it comes to questions, they’ve heard it all. No matter what you have to ask, no matter how silly or embarrassed you may feel, someone else has asked the same or stranger. Asking a question that seems out of left field is one thing; any good reader expects to get these once in a while and shouldn’t be taken aback or risk appearing unprofessional by the occasional curveball. But there are some things you just plain shouldn’t ask your tarot reader that you’d think would be common sense, yet tarot readers hear them all the time anyway.

The Non Believer

“I don’t believe in tarot but I thought I’d give this a try anyway” is one of the kinder ways to put it. Tarot readers have reported far ruder, having some customers go so far as to call their entire line of work a fraud. Everyone’s free to believe whatever they want. No one is forcing you to believe in tarot, or even forcing you to have your cards read. If you go into an experience expecting it to be negative it usually will be, and treating someone’s life work like a joke is rude besides. You have to wonder why these people are paying for the experience in the first place.

Are You Psychic?

This one’s slightly easier to forgive since it comes from such a common misconception. Thanks to Hollywood, the average new tarot reading customer tends to be under the misconception that tarot readers are also psychics. No, your tarot reader can’t read your mind and no, your tarot reader can’t tell you what you’re thinking right now. The tarot aren’t about psychic powers so much as they’re about using intuition to skillfully guide you down the path you’d best like to be on.

Do I Have To Tell You?

Sometimes the questions you might have are going to be pretty personal. They’re things you don’t even want to say out loud, let alone to a complete stranger. Yet unfortunately, as was already mentioned, your reader isn’t actually psychic. They can only work with the information you give them, and if you aren’t willing to give them the information they need their hands are somewhat tied insofar as how much they can help you.

What’s Your Day Job?

"Don't ask such rude questions to tarot card readers"

“Don’t ask such rude questions to tarot card readers”

We’ve established that it’s rude to imply that someone’s career is a joke, and it’s equally rude to imply that it can’t be a career at all. Plenty of readers make a decent living off of tarot readings alone, especially those that have been established and have a steady stream of regular customers. The “What’s your day job?” question is even ruder than asking what you mean to ask, which is whether or not they make a living this way because it implies that the answer to that question has to be no. It skips right to the assumption that they have to have another job to supplement their income otherwise there’s no way they could possibly get by.


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