4 Questions to Ask a Psychic to See if They’re the Real Deal

"Make sure you judge your psychic's skills perfectly"

“Make sure you judge your psychic’s skills perfectly”

It’s often that first time tarot reading clients go into a reading completely blind. Instead of walking into a reading without vetting a psychic, arm yourself with questions that can allow you to confirm whether or not the psychic is truly the real deal or a big, fat phony.

“How Long Have You Been Practicing?”

It’s always good to pick the most experience tarot card reader you can find. Experience means a lot when it comes to psychics. Someone who has been reading cards for twenty years isn’t just someone working on a hobby. If you find a psychic who hasn’t been reading very long, be wary. When you do find a psychic who is eager to brag about their long running career, try to find proof that they have been around as long as they claim.

“Do You Offer Extra Services?”

"Ask a psychic if they offer extra services"

“Ask a psychic if they offer extra services”

A big red flag after a psychic reading is over is the reader offering extra services based on the reading. Be very wary if a reader gives you bad news during the reading and then offers to somehow fix the problem. This can come in the form of cleansing, sage burning, or charms and objects to help you become rid of bad spirits.

Listen to the list that psychics give if they do offer services outside of the reading. It IS often that psychics offer other services, such as psychic healing. Pay attention to how negative and alarmist the services are, though. The more negative the service, the more likely a tarot card reader is to be a con artist.

“Can I Tip You?”

Many psychics are underpaid and don’t have a steady flow of business. Because of this, they might be eager to get a little extra cash in the form of a tip. It’s not abnormal for them to respond positively when asked if they accept tips. Instead of waiting for an answer of rejection to ensure a psychic is the real deal, watch their body language and demeanor when you bring up the idea of tipping them. A con artist is likely to jump for joy and be very over eager about extra money. A true psychic will be more grateful and humbled by your offer.

“Can You Tell Me About Tarot?”

Many scam psychics expect that you’re just as ignorant as they are of the Tarot and that you won’t ask any questions. The client often assumes the psychic, who happens to be a scammer, is in charge and just listens to whatever they have to say.

Before leaving for your tarot card reading or logging onto a tarot card site, make sure you know a few basic things about Tarot and card readings. Then ask them if they can give you a rundown on the basics. A great con artist will know these. If they answer to your satisfaction, ask a more specific question that you know the answer to. A real psychic can answer easily.


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