3 Signs For A More Stable Love Life

When getting a reading, asking the right questions is important. There are many types of spreads for different needs. Asking for a generic relationship spread could leave you unsatisfied. After all, it might just restate things you already knew, or not give you the advice you really need. If you’re having problems with a significant other, there are a few spreads that would be helpful. Consider these the next time you seek out a reading to help guide your relationship.

Partnership as Mirror

"Mirror spread is useful to understand your relationship with your partner"

“Mirror spread is useful to understand your relationship with your partner”

When in a relationship, you have to understand what this means for you. Each person brings a lot of needs to the table, even if they don’t recognize it. This isn’t a bad thing. People need human interaction to stay happy and healthy. It is important to remember, though, that everyone is different. What is one person needs, another person might feel stressed out about. The Partnership as Mirror spread is a good way to understand own qualities in the relationship. It is a ten card spread. Each of the cards represents a different aspect of the asker. Questions focus on how the asker feels about themselves and the relationship. This encourages self-reflection and a deeper understanding of current actions. In light of the new understanding, the spread also touches on how future actions affect the relationship. What can help or harm the relationship as it grows? This spread is good for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the things that shape them subconsciously.

Which Love?

"Want to know about your potential partners? Go for ten card spread"

“Want to know about your potential partners? Go for ten card spread”

When pursuing love, people get stuck at times. Getting to know people on a basic level can be fun and exciting. Going on the first few dates, everyone tries to look their best and act their most charming. You can only get to know them after spending a lot of time together. Then, you can understand how they conduct their day to day life. After all this time, though, sometimes you realize you have wasted it. If you’re getting to know two potential partners, this spread can help you decide which one to pursue. It is not for people already in love with one of the partners, nor is it for one in love and choosing between two. This ten card spread is good when you are getting to know two partners. You decide assign each of them to a card, and the cards below that one reveal potential joys and pitfalls to be had with that partner.

Ready for Love?

Being in a relationship is not for everyone. Even if someone enjoys it, there are times in life where it is best to stay out of one. This could be because the person is too young, and not yet mature enough. Other times, it is because of a breakup that has left the person needing some time on their own. In that case, this spread will help determine if you’re ready for a new relationship. It focuses on the past, revealing things which you’ve learned from past relationships. It also helps show how much you’ve come to understand important parts of being in a relationship, such as being open.


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