3 Arcana Most Likely To Be Read In Different Ways

"Each Arcana card carries different but important meanings"

“Each Arcana card carries different but important meanings”

A deck only has so many cards, but people ask it many questions. As such, each card can mean a variety of things. Many cards cover things within a theme that is easy to summarize. Others, though, cover different areas that relate less to each other. Within the major arcana, some cards have different meanings. If one of these cards turns up, know that the meaning might not be what you first expect.

Note that all these reference the card coming up upright. Every card has an opposite meaning should it come up reversed. This is referencing how the same upright card can mean different things.

The Magician

Sometimes called the Juggler, the magician takes on different readings depending on the deck. In some readings, he is a trickster. Not always the best one, but one who causes upset around him. This could be cause to think about the trickster’s purpose. It is a role not rooted in serious deceit but in making fun. That doesn’t mean you should let your guard down, as those who mean to fool are not always kind. In other instances, the Magician is the fool on the next step of their journey. They have learned just enough on their journey to start talking, but not enough to know what they’re talking about. Know that your journey is still beginning, and there is much to learn and grow from before you rest.

The Lovers

While you might think of the Lovers as a shorthand, the truth is not always so simple. It is true, in many readings it can reference a partner in life. It might turn up to reveal that you must look to them for support, or as a source of strife. The card is also important for those who happily remain single. The Lovers is a card of emotion-driven action, which does not always focus on other people. It is Adam and Eve, having just bit the fruit. This could mean a time to reflect on the impulses that have shaped your life recently, even when you didn’t know the consequences. It can also be a sign of things to come, and mean that you should open up choice to your heart. You never know where it might take you.

The Hanged Man

"The hanged man - It is a card of sacrifice"

“The hanged man – It is a card of sacrifice”

The different readings of the Hanged Man are a matter of looking at to what the card references. In some readings, it is how he got there that is important. While someone trapped his body, he is there through his own choice. It is a card that depicts sacrifice. This could mean giving up things like time or money to improve the world around you. Other times, it means giving up a goal, something that you cannot or should not complete. Other readings look at the Hanged Man as he is. Upside down, there is little to do but stare and think. This card can be one of contemplation. Stop rushing to act through your problems, and stop and think them through.


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